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Best Discount Camping Gear Sites

Grayl Geopress Water Purifier Bottle

The Best Overlanding/Camping Gear from Amazon

Meet my favorite piece of backpacking gear to come out over the last few years: the Grayl Geopress.

Water purification is mega-mega-important in the majority of the world . My traveling companion of three-ish months Tyrone can attest to that he was the little Giardia lamblia that could.

After writing a full roundup on the best filtered water bottles , I now know an excessive amount of information about water purification. With any luck, thatll help prevent me from contracting Giardia again!

I can tell you that there are a lot of good choices on the market for a filtered water bottle and I can tell you that the Grayl Geopress stands as a clear leader in the race: this thing is mint! It eradicates pretty much anything from the most gank of water and it has an extremely unique purification system. None of this drinking through a straw like a damn sippy-cup crap!

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in a filtered water bottle but a special shout-out to my mate, the environment . Any step away from plastic bottles is a step in the right direction even if its off a cliff. I like to be all We are freedom you do you, man but when it comes to plastic bottles

Incredible Camping Discounts For Seniors

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RV Camping is a great way to travel and experience the nations beautiful and historic RV parks. Anyone can go RV camping yet it is our Seniors that seem to be taking the adventure more seriously. Afterall, this is what retirement was for, right? For those who want to enjoy the camping experience full time, it can get a little pricey. However, there are many ways to receive senior discounts for camping that help bring the cost down while still providing the best RV camping experience. Here are the top ten incredible camping discounts for seniors. The list discusses membership cost, benefits, where they can be used, and any amenities that come with the member card. Keep in mind in most cases the senior discount is non transferrable, can not be replaced, and cannot be extended.

Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist:

and Craigslist are not traditional retail websites, so you obviously have to be cautious when buying from strangers, because there is no warranty or returns. But you can often find good clothing and equipment at a huge discount. Try to find out the exact brand/model of a listed item and then look up reviews before purchasing.

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Outdoorplay Best Website For Kayaking And Rafting Gear

OutdoorPlay is another specialist outdoor website, in this case focusing on kayaking, stand-up and rafting gear. It really has all angles covered, from equipment to essential gear , outerwear , footwear , and accessories .

If you need help transporting your kayak or raft to your destination, OutdoorPlay has you covered. It has a wide selection of trailers, mounts, and storage racks for kayaks, rafts, and other outdoor equipment like snowboards and bikes.

Best ofTop10

Facebook Marketplace And Groups

Best Tips For Your Comfortable Camping In The Rain (13 ...

Facebook is a great place to find gear at a great price. You can either use Facebook Marketplace or join local Facebook groups specific to selling outdoor gear. You can type in the search bar, for example, Washington Gear Exchange. Of course, using Facebook to buy gear has no guarantee on the quality of the product, and you can not return. So you have to be cautious.

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From Mega Stores To Discount And Used Gear Sites We Break Down This Year’s Top Websites To Buy Outdoor Gear

  • / Best Sites to Buy Outdoor Gear

We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Read more about us.

For those who love the outdoors, the options for buying gear and clothing online continue to expand. Below weve picked the best sites to buy outdoor gear in 2021, from the mega sites with the widest selection to discount retailers and even used gear. Along with a detailed description of each retailer, weve included information on shipping costs, returns, and international shipping. We also would like to note that when you make a purchase through the links below, we receive a small commission, helping us continue to review and write about outdoor gear. For our top picks in each category, see our detailed outdoor gear reviews.

Family Motor Coach Association

The Family Motor Coach Association is the worlds largest member-owned, non-profit, RV travel club. It has over 150,000 members and the national headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. FMCA, for short, provides many discounts to both seniors and families who own either motorized RVs or towable RV types. There is no specific senior discount offered when becoming a member however, the FMCA does offer senior living resources, members-only discounts at certain stores, and a free subscription to Family RVing, the FMCA magazine.. They even have RV rallies and events throughout the year. Partnered with KOA and Passport America, the FMCA family offers many RV travel services, shopping discounts, and roadside assistance to all its members. The cost is only $85 for the first year and $75 thereafter. However, members do have the option to pay for two years at $160 or $225 for a three year membership. Although they are family-oriented, the membership extends to business owners specializing in the RV industry.

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Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package

How do you not fall to your death when youre scaling routes? A harness! Well, there are some exceptions but that just proves the rule!

The Momentum Harness Package is a choice option if you are looking to get a nearly-complete climbing set up ! Its comfortable as someone warmly embracing your nether region you wont even feel that wedgie!

The waistband is easy to adjust, comes with four gear loops, and the harness comes packaged with a screw-gate carabiner, chalk, and a chalk bag! Its a pretty sick deal for someone interested in getting into climbing.

Looking for badass climbing shoes? Check out this epic list of the best bouldering shoes.

The Good Sam Club Pass

Cheap Camping Gear for Beginners – Full Backpacking Kit Under $50

The Good Sam Club helps seniors save money at over 2,400 RV parks across North America. Members receive a 10% discount at any Good Sam RV Park and up to $79 worth of merchandise when joining the Good Sam Club. You can purchase the membership at the Good Sam camping parks itself or online. Many of the Camping grounds provide full hookups, free Wi-Fi, and a variety of activities to choose from. On occasion, cabins may be available. Some benefits and amenities that are offered with the discount are boat fuel savings, RV storage areas, and discounts at outdoor retailers such as Camping World and Gander RV. Some parks are near amusement parks and natural attractions. Members can also save 5¢ per gallon of gas and 8¢ per gallon of diesel. The club also provides a planner guide, which offers tools and information to help seniors prepare for the best road trip every time. At the moment, current membership rates are from $79 for a three-year membership, $50 for a two-year membership, and $29 for a one-year membership.

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Campmor Best For Buying Car Camping Equipment

Campmor is one of the smaller retailers on our list, earning its place because it specializes in a popular outdoor activity: car camping. Car camping is when you drive your car right up to a campsite, unload all your camping equipment, and set up for the night. Car camping doesnt involve any hiking, which means you can pack as much gear as can fit in or on top of your car.

How good is Campmors car camping selection? Just check out its list of car racks and accessories. It has a wide range of car mounts, rear mounts, base racks, and luggage carriers. It also has special carriers for large types of equipment such as snowboards, paddle boards, and mountain bikes.

Camp Saver & Camp Saver Outlet

Camp Saver is an online outdoor gear store that sells both big, and smaller brand name outdoor gear. Camp Saver is a great place to look for all kinds of outdoor gear from sleeping bags, hiking gear, kayaks, and more.

For even better deals on your outdoor gear check out the Camp Saver Outlet. Most of the gear is from last year, which means you get incredible savings on brand new gear, in last years colors, but lets be honest, last years colors were better anyway right?

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Dr Bronners Organic Liquid Soap

I first learnt about Dr Bronners Soap from a rainbow-hippy in New Zealand and those dudes care about the environment! Its about as good for Mama Nature as a soap can be: its made from bio-degradable ingredients , smells fresh, and even the bottle is made from recycled materials!

Whats it good for? Pretty much anything! Your skin, your clothes, your dishes, your eyeballs .

I mean, Im not exactly one to talk. I usually just borrow the soap left behind by the last person who used the shower. But if youre going bush for a while, theres no better soap to take.

Some Backpacking Accessories And Essentials To Consider

Frugal Camping Tips

Accessorizing is important. It tells people about yourself. Sometimes I wear a peacock skirt but the outfit isnt truly complete unless its accompanied by my frilly purple silk blouse on top.

Backpacking accessories are also super-important and also tend to be a tad more functional than gaudy outfits. That said, South Asian men and West Sydney Adidas lads love my blouse-and-skirt combo.

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Goal Zero Nomad 10 Plus Solar Panel

This is either a nice companion to your power bank or an alternative replacement altogether. A solar panel to charge your bits! Provided the sun is shining of course.

It will charge most devices and has readouts to help you optimize the charging efficiency. Its also weatherproof but youd kinda hope it would be considering that its purpose is to be exposed to the weather.

I mean, hell, you could even use it to charge your power bank. It doesnt get much more meta than that!

I once met a traveller who brought one of these up to Svalbard in mid-winter. Needless to say his phone soon went dead. If you dont know why thats stupidly funny, go and Google it.

Not Just Knives From Gerber

Gerber is known worldwide for their wide selection of high-quality cutlery and blades, but they also sell varying types of survival equipment. Small emergency kits and fire-starting tools are just the tip of the iceberg at They mostly offer tools for small equipment, so if youre looking for a one-stop shop this might not be the best choice. Dont underestimate the quality of a good hatchet or skinning knife, however.

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Nemo Disco 15 Sleeping Bag

Lets get one thing out of the way: its not a mummy bag. Its a spoon bag . The result is a roomier bag built for sleeping in funny positions side-sleepers represent!

Rated down to -9° Celsius this backpacking sleeping bag will keep you toasty warm .

The downside of that extra roominess is that the Nemo Disco comes in at noticeably heavier weight and size than other sleeping bags on the market. This means its still one of the best sleeping bags for camping but not necessarily for ultralight hiking. Its also pricey but Ill reiterate: dont cheap out on your sleeping bag!

Final Thoughts From Your Outdoor Loving Girl

Deal Hunting Series : Site 1 – The Outdoor Gear Review

The high cost of quality outdoor gear, shouldnt prevent anyone from being able to get out in the fresh air and participate in the activities that they enjoy.

So, use this list of great outdoor equipment resources, to help you find the gear that you want and need without having to spend a fortune.

You can find high-quality discounted outdoor gear as long as you know where to look for it.

Is there a resource that you use to find discounted outdoor gear that we missed? If so, please share it with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts in the comments.

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Smartwool Light Hiker Socks

Another piece of backpacker clothing gear and nothing feels so good as a snug pair of socks. Smartwool clothing is cruelty-free: no Kiwi sheepies were harmed in the making of these socks.

Merino socks are excellent! Warm, lightweight, and breathable perfect for hiking or sliding around the house.

Garmin Forerunner 45 Gps Watch

I cant really talk about the coolest backpacking gadgets without talking about GPS watches. Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Watch has got everything one needs without any over the top features or frills most of us dont need.

It even monitors your stats at high altitudes, which is pretty cool.

Yep, this thing is a bit expensive but for everything it can do, we think it is a great introductory GPS watch for the average hiker/runner/traveler.

For more time keeping inspiration, check out our epic review of the best outdoor watches.

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Goal Zero Venture 70 Recharger

Power banks are a dime a dozen and you can pick them up pretty much anywhere in the world. Hell, Ive seen vending machines that stock them!

Mine is excellent. I picked it up in India and its a total brick. It charges my electronics in a ridiculous amount of times and is weighty enough to fight off a small bear with.

The downside is I had to go to Hyderabad to buy it and I wouldnt wish going to Hyderabad on even my worst exes. To avoid having to go tech shopping in the bowels of Asian digital cities, Id recommend buying one before you depart.

I may not see that many travelers with headlamps, but everyone has a power bank. Its without-a-doubt a must have backpacking gadget.

The Best Outdoor Gear Stores For Backpacking And Hiking

Discount Camping Gear: The Best Sites for Getting a Good ...

We know most of you are obsessed with outdoor gear, and you want the best deals from the best outdoor gear stores. Below weve assembled an epic list of outdoor gear stores for you, all online, and all full of excellent gear.

You can use any of these to shop for your next sweet score. Weve also included specific aspects of each retailer that are unique, helpful, or annoying to aid you in this process. Note that theyre broken down by location and type of site if youre looking for something specific.

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Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner

This is the liner Ive been traveling with for more than a year-and-a-half and its served me super fine. As of yet, theres no damage or real wear-and-tear to speak of .

Maybe some would disagree, but I consider a sleeping bag liner an essential backpacking item. It gives some extra warmth, keeps your sleeping bag clean, and it doubles as an extremely light sleeping bag/mosquito protection in hotter climates. Even if youre backpacking without a sleeping bag, Id recommend investing in a liner.

Best Outdoor Gear Stores In The Us

The U.S. was the first country to create a federally protected piece of land. Today there are over 50 National Parks and hundreds of wilderness areas and forests to explore. Outdoor gear in the U.S. is a huge industry, and the most common place to buy that gear is at an online outdoor gear store.

Here are the online outdoor gear stores based in the U.S. worth checking out.

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Best Online Stores For Outdoor Gear In 2022

In these times of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, its natural to feel a hankering for the great outdoors. Ironically the best place to shop for outdoor goods is indoors with a phone or computer. Why visit an outdoor clothing and equipment shop when you can find the same gear online at a fraction of the cost?

Outdoor gear websites are as numerous and diverse as national parks and forests. Before choosing an outdoor gear store, its helpful to think about what it is you need to buy. Looking for new hiking boots? Missing some important camping gear? Planning a specific activity, like fishing or kayaking? Your answers will inform which outdoor goods retailer is best for you.

We compiled this list of the best online outdoor stores to help narrow down your options. We deliberately chose outdoor websites that serve different purposes, e.g. best for outdoor clothing and footwear, best for discount camping gear, and best for used outdoor goods. We hope you find this guide beneficial and wish you all the best with your next outdoor adventure!

Swap With Family And Friends

Best Cheap Camping Gear in 2022 – Top 10 Best Gear for Camping on a Budget

A great way to get new-to-you gear is to have your own garage sale and get your family, friends, and adventure buddies to bring their used stuff over to swap. Almost everyone has gear thats been collecting dust in the corner, so this is a good chance to give your old or unused products a new life and snag something new .

We hope this post helps your bargain-hunt for discounted outdoor gear. For more tips and ideas on budget-friendly gear, be sure to check out our post on the Best Cheap Backpacking Gear.

Where are your favorite places to buy used or discounted outdoor gear? Share your experiences, tips, and questions in the comments section below.

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