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Camping In The Appalachian Mountains

An Overview And Idea Of Hiking The Appalachian Trail Offering Best Day Hikes In The World In 2022

Primitive Campsite along The Appalachian Trail (Smoky Mountains)

Whether you stay in a cabin or go camping along the Appalachian trail, youre sure to love this unique experience. When you get out that Appalachian Trail map, youll see the Appalachian terrain itself is hugely varied and continues to offer some of the best day hikes in the world. Although most of the trail consists of wooded slopes and ridges, it occasionally crosses through valleys and pastoral land. At its toughest points, it involves near-vertical rock scrambles in the mountains. On the Appalachian trail map, routes will show you that the trail is very remote, making for a genuine natural experience camping on the Appalachian Trail, so make sure you have your Appalachian mountains map to hand. That being said, hiking Appalachian trail routes does take you through several small towns, and at some stages, hikers are only several hours from major East Coast cities.

Taconic Highlands Massachusetts 169 One Way

This stretch of the trail, from Salisbury to Jug End , winds through old-growth forest, by waterfalls and over Mount Everett. You can camp at one of the eight designated shelters or camping areas. If you want a shorter glimpse of this area, you can access dayhikes from Route 41 in the Housatonic Valley, including the six-mile Race Brook Falls Trail. If you want a lengthier journey, this area also hosts the long-distance Taconic Crest and the Taconic Skyline trails.

Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground

Mountaintop sites are this campgrounds specialty. It also could not be more convenient. Just 5 miles from the beautiful Black Mountain and 15 miles from the trendy downtown Asheville, youve truly got the best of both worlds. Mama Gerties is right off of I-40 and close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Drive 2 miles to I-40, and youll find a plethora of amenities including dining and gas stations.

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Grassy Ridge And The Humps Traverse Tennessee And North Carolina

14.8-mile traverseGPS Trailhead CoordinatesN36° 06.4015 W82° 06.628 N36° 10.643 W82° 00.704

This hike takes you over the grassy summits of the Hump Mountains as well as Grassy Ridge, Jane Bald, and Round Bald, ending at Carvers Gap. Grassy Ridge is the only 6,000-plus-foot bald on the A.T. The grassy balds of the Southern Appalachians existed long before written history. First, the American Indians who lived in the area used controlled fires to keep the balds clear. Later, European settlers would keep the balds open by grazing their cattle on them or by mowing. Today, they are still kept clear by cattle grazing and mowing.

Roan Highlands on the TennesseeNorth Carolina state line gets very crowded during the peak bloom of its rhododendron garden. In June, visitors flock to see the awesome spectaclethousands of big Catawba rhododendrons in bloom at oncebut you can usually camp alone on the summit during the winter. We didnt see the rhododendrons, but the snow-covered mountain was a magnificent sight.

Camping In State Parks And Forests

Camping &  Trail

Nine state parks, two state forests and the Green River Game Lands in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina protect spectacular natural landmarks and provide outstanding recreational opportunities. These state lands are popular destinations for hiking, camping, picnicking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, boating, and swimming.

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail pass through the park. The Smokies are home to abundant wildlife — 400 to 600 bears, for instance — and with more than 100 species of trees, it is the most diverse forest in North America. At 6,643 feet above sea level, Clingmans Dome is the highest point on the AT. More than a dozen shelters and campsites are available for overnight stays. The park charges $20 for a backcountry permit, which must be obtained before entry. Dogs are not permitted on park trails.

Eagle Rock Resort And Campground

805 Luther Siebers Blvd, Pioneer, TN 37847

Eagle Rock Resort & Campground located in Pioneer, TN is a great location to hit the Royal Blue and return for a relaxing night of camping and smores.

Its clear the owners love the mountains. They offer outdoor enthusiasts a chance to join in their passion and have created an environment perfect for the ATV rider who loves to camp.

Eagle Rock Campground has access to over 600 miles of ATV trails!

Water and Electric RV sites begin at $58.75 and Full service sites are $52 for shorter RVs and $65 for RVs larger than 35.

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Rocky Knob Recreation Area

Just over the border in the rolling green hills of Virginia, youll find the Rocky Knob campground off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Its in a rural, quiet, densely forested area that provides campers with stunning scenery. The campground is just down the road from the Rocky Knob visitors center and an hour and 20 minutes from Roanoke, Virginia.

Why Youll Love Crabtree Falls Campground

Full Time Vanlife | Primitive Camping in the Appalachian Mountains | Site Review Tuesday!

Few campgrounds are as surrounded by tural wonders as this one. It sits at the intersection of several lovely creeks, right at the entrance to Crabtree Falls and just minutes from several other falls. The hiking trails in this area are simply stunning. While the campground is very basic, there are picnic areas, bathrooms, and an ampitheater, and Little Switzerland is just 5 miles away.


  • Pets Allowed: Yes

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Appalachian Trail Faq: How To Prepare To Hike The Appalachian Trail In 2022

Before heading to the Appalachian Trail starting point, figuring out how to prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail can be daunting, but weve put together a list of essentials youll need to bring with you to enjoy hiking the Appalachian Trail this year. When it comes to hiking the Appalachian Trail, FAQ tend to encompass distances, trails, and of course what to bring to make your Appalachian Trail hiking experience the best possible:

Glamping Sites Near The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is considered one of the most spectacular trails in North America, extending from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. It passes over verdant hills and rugged mountains, through deep forests and sunny fields, and across wild rivers and gurgling streams, making its winding way through 14 states for about 2,200 miles! If you want to take in the endless beauties of the trail, but dont fancy sleeping on the rocky ground, you should take a look at our collection of glamping sites! It would be impossible not to be amazed by the wilderness of the Appalachian Trail, and its scenic landscapes are the perfect setting for a glamping adventure!

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Blue Mountains Pennsylvania 40 Miles One Way

Blue Mountain’s ridge offers glorious views of Pennsylvania’s farm landscapes at numerous points of interest including the Cliffs, Bake Oven Knob, and the notable Pinnacle. At the heart is Hawk Mountain, known for hosting thousands of migrating raptors every fall, and an excellent day trip for Philadelphia-area Wilderness lovers. The section from Port Clinton to Lehigh GapBreak has five designated shelters and campsites if you’re planning a multi-day adventure, or it can be hiked in shorter parts.

Why Cant I Camp Here


Speaking managerially, the primary reason for designated overnight sites is resource protection. The idea being if we concentrate use in specific locations, damage to the natural environment is contained in small pockets at places that are best able to resist itnot only in terms of the flora and fauna, but also soil type, slope and drainage. Distance from roads and trail neighbors is also desirable. Oh, and a nearby reliable water supply would be handy. Studies have shown that a few as 10 camp-nights a year in the same place will cause long term observable changes in vegetation in woodlands. A.T. overnight sites see many times that amount of use, so durable, well managed locations are highly desirable. Only a very small percentage of A.T. hikers camp by themselves.

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Why Youll Love Campfire Lodgings

Surrounded by 100 acres of woods and numerous trails, this campground is an outdoor lovers dream. However, if youve got folks in the family who prefer food, art, and culture, youre also just minutes from downtown Asheville, a trendy city that has all of those things. Campfire Lodgings truly offers the best of both worlds. The campground is clean, scenic, and well-maintained, and sunsets from the grounds are incredible.


Get A Grounding In Thru

There are several different types of hiker who attempt the Appalachian Trail or famous Appalachian hike. Most people on the trail are day hikers, who want to stretch their legs for a few miles or climb to a viewpoint. Others go for weekend Appalachian Trail hikes, covering a fair distance, having prepared and packed overnight equipment for one of the best hiking trails in the world. Section-hikers normally hike for a week or more, and they tend to carry more supplies or resupply along the way. Thru-hikers plan to hike the entire Trail in one stint, an enormous undertaking that typically takes between five to seven months with the Appalachian trail length reaching 2,190 miles. Your Appalachian trail map may make it look easy, but this is a serious undertaking.

Anyone who is in good physical health has the potential to complete a thru-hike however, having a good mental attitude is as important, if not more so. Owning high-quality, lightweight gear is certainly advantageous, especially in the critical first few weeks of your expedition. A great deal of logistical planning is also key to success, as youll see when you plan a route on your Appalachian mountains USA map. A love of the outdoors, perseverance in the face of adversity, and a strong passion to succeed will definitely help too!

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Ashevilles Bear Creek Rv Park & Campground

If youre looking for convenience and amenities, Ashevilles Bear Creek RV Park is a great place to stay. Its in Asheville, on of North Carolinas most beloved cities, and it sits at the intersection of I-240 and I-40, making it easy to get to and surrounded by dining, shopping, and supply options. Its minutes south of central Asheville near the Biltmore Estates.

Why Youll Love Rutledge Lake Rv Park

Appalachian Trail, Green Mountains Hiking/Camping in VT (Backcountry).

This is one of very few luxury RV parks along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lakeside campsites offer lovely views and great tranquility. Youll find options for outdoor recreation as well as the city of Asheville nearby. This RV park offers all the necessary amenities, from swimming and showers to laundry and a well-stocked general store.


  • None

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Tent Campsites On The Appalachian Trail In Georgia

The Appalachian Trail that winds through Georgia and North Carolina offers tent camping close to the trail.

Although the Appalachian Trail technically has starting and ending points, varying degrees of pace for visitors exist the 2,000-mile-plus path that cuts through six states. Some Appalachian Trail hikers want to cover as much ground as possible quickly, while others want to stop and enjoy the sights along the way. The 76-mile section of the Appalachian Trail in the North Georgia mountains offers visitors places to pitch a tent and take a break from their hiking.

Get Your Backcountry Permits As Early As Possible

The National Park Service requires permits and advanced reservations for hikers planning to backpack and use backcountry campgrounds along the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains. Obtain your permits online through the GSMNP backcountry office to ensure space at your planned shelter. They are available for $4 per night, with a maximum fee of $20. If youre making a longer trip, you can apply for an AT Thru-Hiker permit that has extended timelines to allow for more flexibility.

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Camp At The Beautiful Three Forks Campsites In A Beautiful Trout Steam Valley Near The Appalachian Trail In North Georgia

Overnighting in a tent under star-filled skies: its one of our favorite ways to escape from city life and shed some stress in the wild beauty of nature. And theres nothing better than the serenity and privacy of our favorite campsites in the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Georgia: the sites are often free, and they offer a good deal of privacy and serenity, compared to the typical state park campground.

One of our all-time favorite places to camp in North Georgia is at Three Forks, a beautiful creek valley just east of Ellijay filled with tumbling waterfalls, clear-flowing trout streams, scenic forest, and tons of leathery-leafed, gnarly-branched wild rhododendron. And two of our favorite Georgia trails, the Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail, dive through the valley, making these campsites a perfect home-base for a weekend full of trail time.

A beautiful forest of rhododendron, hemlock, poplar, and oak shelter the campsites at Three Forks, making the cool valley a great retreat in the heat of Georgias summer. Nearby, Noontootla Creek rushes and tumbles as it rolls over the rocky river bed in a series of waterfalls, downstream from the beautiful cascades of the nearby Long Creek Falls.

Where To Find Appalachian Campsites

Family Friendly Tent

When people talk about camping in the Appalachians, they are usually referring to areas in the southern part of the mountain range, including the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina and Virginia. However, the Appalachians actually span a much larger area throughout the eastern part of North America.

The Appalachian Trail runs through the entire Appalachian mountain range, beginning in northern Georgia and meandering northward through Maine and into the southern part of eastern Canada. The trail spans more than 2,000 miles, and there are campsites located at various places along the trail and throughout the entire mountain range.

No matter where you plan to travel in the Appalachians, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of camping options available to you. If you’re a tent camper, you’ll be able to choose among various improved and backcountry camping opportunities. There are plenty of ways for RVers to enjoy the Appalachians, but there are areas not accessible to travel trailers or motor homes. If traveling by RV, it’s very important to verify ease of access before selecting your accommodations.

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Camping At Three Forks: The Details

Camping in the valley is permitted in established campsites only. The sites are primitive: they offer no amenities outside of a primitive stone campfire ring. But what they lack in amenities, the sites make up for in beauty: the tumbling cascades of the moss-lined, roaring Noontootla Creek offer the perfect backdrop for a perfect weekend of car camping. The sites are scattered along a gravel forest road, but most are set back far enough from the road to offer decent privacy. And, save for a few sites directly off the Appalachian Trail, most are very generously spaced from the others, offering some great nighttime serenity.

The campsites are first-come, first-camp, so if youre headed to Three Forks, plan to arrive early on weekends and holidays to grab a spot, and have a backup plan in the event that there arent any spots available.

Most of the sites are situated under a mile from the convergence of the Benton MacKaye Trail and Appalachian Trail, so theyre an excellent base camp for day hikes along either trail. Dont miss the short, relatively easy hike to Long Creek Falls on the Appalachian Trail, a two-mile roundtrip to a beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall. Or the hike the Appalachian Trail from Three Forks to Springer Mountain, following the AT southbound to its southernmost end, and a bronze plaque that commemorates the start or end of an epic, 2000+ mile adventure for AT thru-hikers.

Anthony’s Nose New York 22 Miles Round

The A.T. reaches its lowest point where it crosses the Hudson River, just before a rugged climb up Anthony’s Nose. This is a short but very steep section of the trail, able to be hiked in a single day or afternoon. For a side trip, the 3.7-mile Camp Smith Trail connects the A.T. to panoramic views, including of the faraway skyline of New York City.

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Where To Camp In Pennsylvania Along The Appalachian Trail

As far as hiking the Appalachian Trail goes, Pennsylvania is a pretty flat state. But, what it lacks in elevation, it makes up for in rocks.

The Pennsylvania portion of the trail is strewn with boulders as big as soccer balls or basketballs. Some hikers even refer to the Appalachian Trail in PA as Rocksylvannia. The portion of the Appalachian Trail in PA is from mile marker 1,064 to mile 1,293. The north section of the Appalachian Trail PA is in the Poconos, a mountain region beginning at the 1,250-mile mark north of Allentown and extending all the way to the New York State line at mile 1,332. The highest point in PA is 2,040 feet.

No matter what you call it or what state youre in, hiking the Appalachian Trail is free and no permits are required. But to find camping along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, it helps to plan in advance.

Best Campgrounds In The Smoky Mountains

I Went HAMMOCK CAMPING on the Appalachian Trail! | Miranda in the Wild

Looking for some of the best campgrounds in the Smokies? While there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from in the park as well as the surrounding areas, one of our favorite ways to experience the Great Smoky Mountains is by camping in one of their many frontcountry campgrounds.

Since the Great Smoky Mountains span over quite a few miles , it is hard to know which campground to choose, much less what the pros and cons are of each of the different frontcountry locations.

One of the biggest perks of camping in one of the frontcountry campgrounds is having easier access to some of the parks busier areas, especially during peak season. Quicker access to some of the best hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains and other activities within the park boundaries is something to consider when thinking about which area you want to camp in.

Read on to learn more about three of our favorite campgrounds IN the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, why we love them, as well as nearby activities to check out while you are there!

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