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Camping Near Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park Or

Waterfalls, Raccoons, and “The Snip”: Motorcycle Camping in a Cabin at Silver Falls State Park

Status:Season DatesMax reservation window:Later DatesAvailabilityReservations for the Foothills and Davidson Ranch buildings are now being made through Smith Creek Village. Please call 866-575-8875 or visit for details. If you are reserving a cabin, please look for your access combination in the confirmation letter, immediately following the DIRECTIONS to the park. Only one vehicle is included with standard camp fees. Any additional vehicles kept at a campsite overnight are subject to a nightly Extra Vehicle fee.The nightly Extra Vehicle fee is currently $7.00.

Open year round. Fri Apr 21 2023 Alerts and Important InformationDue to safety reasons and visitor conflicts, pets are not allowed on the Canyon Trail or inside facilities such as log cabins, lodges, or restrooms. Effective Dec 10, 2021 Group Camps A and B and the North Falls meeting hall are closed until further notice during construction of a new parking lot and trailhead in the North Falls Day-use Area.

Silver Falls State Park Hikes

When youre thinking about what trail to take in Silver Falls, you should think about the difficulty level youre looking for, and the amount of time youre looking to spend there. There are trails available for hikers of every ability, so you just have to know what you and your group need.

Ive highlighted three of my favorite trails in Silver Falls State Park to give you some ideas for where to start, depending on your level of experience.

Of course, these are just a few of my recommended hikes in Silver Falls State Park. The park has dozens of other trails available, including much longer ones for the more adventurous. You can check out all the options available to you on this map here.

Psst! Looking for even more adventure? Check out our list of the best hot springs in Oregon and where to find them.

A Rustic Cabin Stay At Silver Falls State Park Oregon

A state park stay can be a great way to safely travel with the family during COVID-19. For up-to-date information on park closures and updates in Oregon, check here.

Located approximately 25 miles east of Salem, Oregon off Highway 22, Silver Falls State Park is the largest in Oregon. With each site tucked away under the canopy of the temperate rain forest, however, youd never know it. Silver Falls is easy to get to off I-5, but feels a million miles away from the adjacent farmland and towns.

Silver Falls offers traditional tent and RV camping loops, as well as rustic cabins . Group lodging is available in their conference facilities. We stayed in rustic cabin #10, and highly recommend it for optimal seclusion.

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Getting To Silver Falls State Park

Getting to Silver Falls State Park from Portland, Oregon is easy. It is only a little more than an hours drive from Portland, making it the perfect day trip. Drive South on the I-5 towards Salem, then travel East on 22 and 214 to enter from the West side of the park. If entering this way, there is a great pull-off with a viewpoint over the surrounding countryside.

Alternatively, you can exit I-5 early, head directly south towards Silverton, and continue onward to enter from the Northside of the park.

Like any popular Pacific Northwest hike, if visiting on a weekend during peak season, plan of getting to the park early. South Falls has a large parking lot, but it will still be a lot more enjoyable in the morning with fewer people on the trail.

Parking at any of the trailheads requires a $5 entrance fee per vehicle. Pay stations are available at the North and South Falls Trailheads, but not the Winter Falls Trailhead.

Youre Going To Get Wet Hiking The Trail Of Ten Falls

Sign near the campground entrance in Silver Falls State Pa

There are three trailheads at the start of the hike theyre located at the top of waterfalls, which means you can expect your shoes to get wet right away. The trail ascends 800 feet as it winds through the canyon and eventually takes you behind the legendary 177-foot mass of pouring water at South Falls. Its worth noting that this particular trail is for hikers only no pets or bicycles allowed. While the 7.2 mile hike is wonderful in its entirety, there are also plenty of connecting paths that can be taken to shorten the distance.

Hiked for 5 hours! BEWARE: Its WET, so bring your wet weather gear, and good, sturdy hiking shoes for slippery terrain. The Dyrt Camper Melissa L.

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Spring In Silver Falls State Park

The best time to visit Silver Falls State Park and hike the Trail of Ten Falls is the Spring. April and May, as the weather warms up, to highs in the 60s but the waterfalls are still flowing strong from winter rain, makes for a great time to visit.

If you have the flexibility you can check the weather and plan for a sunny day, but if not bring a rain jacket and embrace a moody walk in the Pacific Northwest forest. The waterfalls will look no less beautiful in the rain!

Hike Early Morning Or Afternoon To Avoid Crowds

The Trail of Ten Falls guides hikers through gorgeous Douglas Firs, lush forest undergrowth, along creeks, and of course, past swoon-worthy waterfalls. This is moderate hike with rolling elevation gain of 1,300 feet, but it still rewards with idyllic views thatll become emblazoned in your fondest memories.

Very busy, but if you wait until afternoon to hike the traffic thins out considerably Barry S.

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Golden And Silver Falls State Natural Area

Near Coos Bay, Oregon, United States

A hidden gem in the dense coastal forests of southwest Oregon, Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area may be hard to find, but it’s well worth the 24-mile drive from Highway 101. The final 3-miles narrow to a one lane gravel road. The small parking and picnic area are located along the banks of Glenn and Silver Creeks and is shaded by large maple, alder, and Oregon myrtle trees. Hiking trails wind through scenic canyons to each of the waterfalls that plunge over sheer rock cliffs to moss covered boulders 100 feet below.

Hike 1.4 miles to the top of Golden Falls to get an eagle’s-eye view of the cascading waterfall and giant old-growth firs and cedars.

Try One Of The Camping Alternatives

Silver Falls State Park 2022 | Cabins, trails, waterfalls and campground | Family camping trip

With over 9,000 acres of sprawling, rugged land in this park, its no surprise that it comes with all sorts of bonuses, including an entire array of charming tent-alternatives where you can spend the night. Lodge rooms are available at the Conference Center with meal-purchasing options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those looking for more seclusion can consider the Upper Smith Creek or Lower Smith Creek cabins with amenities such as traditional beds, private bathrooms, showers, and coffee makers. The newly renovated Calypso Cottage is slightly more swanky, with a kitchen area, living room, and jetted bathtub.

We stayed in a rustic cabin at this park and it was perfect. Two full beds and two small bunks make for an affordable spot for friends to gather. Book in advance because it fills up fast. The cabins are basic, but do have electricity. Candice B.

Image taken by the Dyrt camper Graham C.

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Howard Creek Horse Camp

Howard Creek Horse Camp has 6 sites and is open from May through September. Five of the sites can accommodate up to 8 people each. Up to 4 horses/pack animals and 2 vehicles are permitted in each site. There is a fee for the 2nd vehicle. Four horse stalls are at each site. Water and chemical toilets are provided.

A group site is for from 8 to 24 people. A maximum 12 horses/pack animals are allowed in the group site and up to 6 vehicles. Three of the vehicles may be RVs. Twelve horse stalls are available. Water is nearby and chemical toilets are provided.Fees: single sites $19 and group site $58, per night

Howard Creek Horse Camp

Silver Falls State Park Campground Cabin

Friends Of Silver Falls

Find sources: “Silver Falls State Park” news ·newspapers ·books ·scholar ·JSTOR

Volunteers inspired by the beauty and history of Silver Falls have been active there since establishment of the park in 1933. In 1986, the citizens and the park staff envisioned a mission and established the Friends of Silver Falls State Park, Inc. That mission is “to further the educational and interpretive opportunities available to park visitors to promote the preservation, protection and enhancement of the historical, natural, and recreational resources within the park and to assist in the implementing park improvements and educational programs compatible with the nature of Silver Falls State Park.”

As a result, this private and public partnership has created a more meaningful park experience for the nearly one million annual visitors to the park, far beyond what state park funding alone can provide.

Since 1992, volunteers of the Friends of Silver Falls State Park have operated the Nature Store in historic South Falls Lodge. This store offers a variety of books, clothing and souvenirs in keeping with the park’s nature theme. The organization has also been responsible for much of the interpretive signage along the Trail of Ten Falls.

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Silver Falls State Park Campground

The sprawling campground at Silver Falls State Park sits along South Fork Silver Creek and hosts 48 electrical sites with water, 43 tent sites, two group sites, and 14 cabins . Other amenities at the well-appointed campground include firewood and ice for sale, easy access to nearby hiking paths, restrooms, showers, and even a playground. Two of the sites, four cabins, and the campgrounds restrooms and showers are all wheelchair accessible.

Bring Your Friends Family And Canine Companions

Silver Falls State Park, OR

Silver Falls State Park is a wonderful place to enjoy nature with your loved ones. Theres no shortage of things to do, from hiking, fishing, wildlife sightings, bicycling, horseback riding trails, park ranger presentations, and various events throughout the year including Owl Prowls. The park is open throughout the year with an online reservation system for its many facilities and campsites.

Hiking behind waterfalls come on! This place should be at least a National Monument but then again if it was it would not have free hot showers!!! Electrical hook ups and water at your site.. stop spoiling us! Michael K.

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Silver Falls State Park

Whether you are looking for a quick day trip, to hold a conference or an extended camping trip, Silver Falls State Park offers something for any length of stay.

“You can do everything from drive through the park and see a couple of falls from the road to setting up a tent and staying here for several days,” says Steve Janiszewski, assistant area manager. “What you do at the park really varies on how long you want to stay.”

The park, which is an Oregon state wildlife refuge located northeast of Salem, spans more than 8,700 acres and is the largest, and most diverse, park in the state. Visitors can do everything from camp, hike, bike, horseback ride, picnic, visit historic buildings and even drive through the park. There are 22 miles of trials that are shared by mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians – making a visit to the area an all day or all-week adventure.

The focal point of the park is the collection of waterfalls. There are 10 falls and more than 22 miles of multiple use trails leading to them. In fact, trails take you behind the popular 177-foot South Falls and as well the 136-foot North Falls. Both waterfalls are easily accessible from nearby parking lots.

With the city of Silverton just a few miles away, visitors can enjoy a rustic stay at the park or take advantage of one of the bed and breakfasts in the area.

“People should dress in layers and have a good set of walking shoes if they are planning on doing much hiking,”

Elementary Middle And High School

In the 20132014 school year, the state had 567,000 students in public schools. There were 197 public school districts, served by 19 .

In 2016, the largest school districts in the state were:, comprising 47,323 students , comprising 40,565 students , comprising 39,625 students , comprising 21,118 students and , comprising 17,053 students.

Approximately 90.5% of Oregon high school students graduate, improving on the national average of 88.3% as measured from the .

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Summer In Silver Falls State Park

In the summer, the falls are still fun to visit, but will not be at their peak flow. Some will be mostly dried up, but the larger falls such as North and South Falls will still have plenty of water to satisfy your waterfall hunt.

I personally think summer is the worst time to hike waterfalls. The weather may be warm, making the waterfalls refreshing, but the falls will be at their least impressive.

See below for a comparison of South Falls flow in Spring vs. Summer.

Be Open To Socializing

You will never find RV Camping like this!

With so many visitors on the park grounds every single day, Silver Falls might be considered as a place for communities rather than a destination of solitude. The campgrounds are situated near each other, creating a watering-hole of sorts for outdoor enthusiasts. Strike up a conversation with a fellow neighbor or hiker about the remarkable scenery surrounding the area, and you might just come away inspired in a whole new way.

Check out the little store down the road. They have live music Friday nights and beer and ice cream are great after a long hike.Ashley Y.

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Drake Falls & Middle North Falls

Just a little after the tallest falls in the park is Drake Falls, the shortest waterfall in Silver Falls. There is a small platform here where you can take a break and watch the falls.

About a quarter of a mile after Drake Falls is Middle North Falls. Middle North Falls is also quite impressive and has a short side trail that leads behind the falls. This trail is not always open, but you can still see the falls from a viewpoint if the hike is closed.

Silver Falls State Park: Hike And Camp Near 10 Waterfalls In Oregon

Silver Falls State Park sits at the foothills of the Cascade mountain range in Oregon and reaches over 9,000 acres of dense, mossy forest. Since its official inception in 1933, the park has been drawing visitors from all over the nation who come to experience what its like to walk behind powerful waterfalls. The Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike is the main attraction at the park, bringing hikers along 8 miles of trail with ten waterfalls along the way each of them hypnotizing, refreshing, and unique.

Theres a reason this park is called the crown jewel of the Oregon State Park system. Silver Falls State Park welcomes over one million visitors with over 80,000 campers spending the night each year. With those kinds of numbers, its certainly a destination thats worth putting on your camping radar. And considering Silver Falls State Parks popularity, youll definitely want to plan in advance.

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European And Pioneer Settlement

The first Europeans to visit Oregon were Spanish explorers led by , who sighted southern Oregon off the Pacific coast in 1543. Sailing from Central America on the in 1579 in search of the during , the English explorer and privateer Sir briefly anchored at , just south of , before sailing for what is now California., continuing separately from ‘s scouting of California, reached as far north as and possibly to Coos Bay in 1603. Exploration continued routinely in 1774, starting with the expedition of the frigate Santiago by , and the coast of Oregon became a valuable trade route to Asia. In 1778, British captain also explored the coast.

, , and other continental natives trappers arrived in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, soon to be followed by Catholic clergy. Some traveled as members of the and 1811 . Few stayed permanently such as Étienne Lussier, often referred to as the first “European” farmer in the state of Oregon. Evidence of the French Canadian presence can be found in numerous names of French origin such as , , , rivers and the city of . Furthermore, many of the early pioneers first came out West with the and the before heading South of the Columbia for better farmland as the fur trade declined. by the and by the are known as early mixed ancestry settlements.

Also in 1811, New Yorker financed the establishment of at the mouth of the Columbia River as a western outpost to his this was the first permanent European settlement in Oregon.

Religious And Secular Communities

Silver Falls State Park: The campground (photo diary)

Oregon has frequently been cited by statistical agencies for having a smaller percentage of religious communities than other U.S. states. According to a 2009 , Oregon was paired with as the two “least religious” states in the United States.

In the same 2009 Gallup poll, 69% of Oregonians identified themselves as being . The largest Christian denominations in Oregon by number of adherents in 2010 were the with 398,738 with 147,965 and the with 45,492. Oregon also contains the largest community of Russian to be found in the United States. Judaism is the largest non-Christian religion in Oregon with more than 50,000 adherents, 47,000 of whom live in the Portland area. Recently, new kosher food and Jewish educational offerings have led to a rapid increase in Portland’s Orthodox Jewish population. The Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association is headquartered in Portland. There are an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 in Oregon, most of whom live in and around Portland.

Most of the remainder of the population had no religious affiliation the 2008 placed Oregon as tied with Nevada in fifth place of U.S. states having the highest percentage of residents identifying themselves as “non-religious”, at 24 percent. Secular organizations include the , the Humanists of Greater Portland , and the United States Atheists .

Live births by single race/ethnicity of mother
  • Total Employment : 1,551,192
  • Number of employer establishments : 114,551

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