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Rv Camping Near Joshua Tree National Park

Camping Outside The Park On Blm Lands

Free Camping outside Joshua Tree National Park | James and Paul’s RV Adventures

Two free camping areas are available if the park is completely full, and you don’t want to camp at a commercial campground near the park entrances. The first site is north of the park entrance. Drive 2.5 miles up Sunfair Road and take a right at Sunflower Road. At the junction of Sunflower and Cascade road, you’ll find the designated area. No campfires are permitted here.

The second area is south of the park and much larger. It’s also more scenic. As you exit the park on Cottonwood Springs Road, look for side roads heading east or west. Take either one and find your patch of dirt.

Dispersed camping is also available south of Interstate 10. Campfires are permitted here, but you need to have a permit, available online at the BLM website.

Joshua Tree West Entrance

We spent three days hiking in the national park and tried both the west and north entrances to get in. Both had minimal waits, but it seemed like there were more trails and things to do on the west side via Joshua Tree. The first day we went in via the west entrance and hiked the Hidden Valley loop and Ryan Mountain trails.

The Hidden Valley loop is in a rock surrounded small valley that apparently used to be full of vegetation in the middle of the desert. In the past, cattle rustlers supposedly brought their animals here, and judging by how it looks now, the cows ate most of the vegetation . There are plenty of walls in this area for rock climbing and also the primitive Hidden Valley campground which was mostly full of tent/van campers.

The other trail we did that day at Ryan Mountain is a bit more difficult due to the elevation gain, but also popular because at the summit you get to see a panoramic view of the surrounding park area for miles in every direction. There are interesting rock formations and plants everywhere including the ever-present Joshua tree.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about rv parks near Joshua Tree, CA 92252?

This is a review for rv parks near Joshua Tree, CA 92252:

“This is a very nice campground within a few miles of the park entrance. We stayed 5/20 – 5/22 because I wanted to see the stars. All staff we encountered were friendly and professional. A big plus are the lines of tall plantings that separate each site, giving a nice sense of privacy. Star viewing is very good from the campground, but if you want to see something spectacular, drive into Joshua Tree right before sunset. Pull off somewhere and watch. Don’t let the bad reviews scare you away. You’ll enjoy your stay.”

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Things To See In Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is often described as magical or something out of a childrens book. Youll find various wildlife and funky plants at this park, along with inspiring landscapes.

If youre up for a hike, be sure you find Barker Dam Trail, where youll come across large Joshua trees, boulders, and possibly even a few birds. One thing certainly not to be missed is Cholla Cactus Garden.

Youll stroll among more than a thousand densely packed chollas.

If a more daring adventure is what you are looking for, enjoy a bit of rock climbing. Joshua Tree National Park has almost 8,000 climbing routes to enjoy.

Which Campgrounds Are Open In The Summer

Our Second RV Visit to Joshua Tree National Park

Belle and White Tank usually close in the summer. Summer campers can reserve a campsite at Black Rock, Ryan, Jumbo Rocks, Indian Cove, and Cottonwood Campgrounds, or try the F/F site at Hidden Valley. That said, even those campgrounds dont usually run at full capacity in the summer.

Camping in Joshua Tree during the summer will be very hot. Bring lots of water and your own shade.

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Free Camping Just Outside Of Joshua Tree National Park

Just because you werent the first one with the idea to camp in Joshua Tree, doesnt mean you have to high tail it home because the campgrounds are all booked up. There is ample, free camping just outside of the park, at places like Joshua Tree North, if youre not afraid of a little high-speed wind and more dust than you can shake a swiffer at.

There are at least four free BLM spots positioned around the park, so if you dont like one dustbowl in particular, youre sure to find another stack of rocks in the desert that is more to your persuasion.

The Best 10 Rv Parks Near Joshua Tree Ca 92252

  • Family-owned & operated25 years in business

    We’re conveniently located at Lytle Creek and easily accessible for Disneyland, Fontana’s Speedway, Glen Helen Amphitheater, San Manual Casino, Pomona Fairplex, and other area more

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    This is a very nice campground within a few miles of the park entrance. We stayed 5/20 – 5/22

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    or stepped into an RV before let alone do both at a RV resort for Coachella. Every staff member I

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    to the office and their promises to get it repaired right away. A resident homeowner in the park assured

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    against him.. You cannot believe anything he says.. His staff is terrible, the amenities at the park are unavailable.. Do not support this business in any way…

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    This place is great it’s just a few miles from Joshua tree national Park and the facilities

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    If you come here just realize there is NOTHING to do around there or at the park besides swim

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    The park itself is super cute! There are so many hot tubs and pools, as well as a café, general

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    RVpark we’ve EVER stayed at which was a real treat. It is also super clean, well maintained and we

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    Joshua Tree South Boondocking

    Free camping is available on BLM land near Cottonwood Springs. Its just before the parks southern entrance on Cottonwood Springs Road. You can point your google maps to BLM Joshua Tree South or these GPS coordinates will get you there 33.673996, -115.807075. There is also a Harvest Hosts nearby in Chirico Summit for those with a membership.

    When To Camp In Joshua Tree National Park

    FREE Joshua Tree National Park Camping | Full Time RV Living

    The best time to camp in Joshua Tree National Park is from September through May. This is considered high season and for a good reason: the weather is very pleasant, with warm days and cool to cold nights. From May through September, the daytime temperatures are extreme, and camping becomes almost impossible. One thing to be aware of is that it can get very windy in the park, so plan accordingly.

    Joshua Tree National Park also has a unique sort of high season that can vanish in the blink of an eye. This is due to the large number of climbers in the park. The place can be packed, especially the Jumbo Rocks Campground, until other climbing areas open. As soon as the weather in Yellowstone or other popular areas becomes stable, these folks migrate from Joshua Tree to this new location as a pack.

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    What To Know About Free Camping

    While looking for free camping near Joshua Tree National Park, be sure to verify the camping location is open to the public. You dont want to set up camp to find out camping isnt allowed in that location.

    If you choose to stay, ensure youre obeying all posted rules and following no trace principles. Free camping could disappear if we abuse the privilege.

    What To Pack For Camping In Joshua Tree

    Camping Supplies: Camping in Joshua Tree means loading up with quality camping gear. In particular, every trip requires a durable tent, camp chair, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, lightweight backpack, and hammock . I also recommend bringing headlamps and lanterns for walking around at night.

    Clothing: Winters in Joshua Tree tend to range from moderately warm to chilly, so youll want to pack appropriately for the season. However, regardless of month, the best way to pack is to bring light layers that you can stack them depending on the temperature. Youll want some moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, and hiking pants.

    Shoes: Grippy closed-toe hiking shoes are a must in Joshua Tree to easily traverse the trail and avoid any creepy crawlies.

    Toiletries: Sunscreen, bug spray, after bite, deodorant, wet wipes, dry shampoo, and hand sanitizer are essentials for Joshua Tree camping.

    Cooking Gear: A camp stove and cooking set are musts for making your own food in Joshua Tree.

    Water: Because potable water isnt found at every campsite in Joshua Tree, youre going to want to bring enough to last you throughout your camping trip. I recommend bringing a refillable jug, hydration bladder, and water bottle.

    Electronics: California camping trips require a portable power bank, a kindle, and a GoPro.

    Plan Your Trip to Joshua Tree

    After traveling consistently for over 10 years, weve come to trust and rely on a few websites to help us find the best deals on flights and accommodation.

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    Rv Camping In Joshua Tree At Black Rock Campground

    With 99 campsites, the Black Rock Campground is one of the largest campgrounds in Joshua Tree. The campground is on the north side of the park and is only five minutes from Yucca Valley, where you will find grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants.

    Black Rock Campground is an excellent choice for RVers with larger rigs. There are six sites in the campground that can accommodate a maximum RV or truck/travel trailer combination of up to 40 feet. Seven campsites can accommodate a maximum vehicle length of 42 feet.

    Each campsite has a picnic table and fire grate.

    Black Rock Campground has potable water, flush toilets, and a dump station.

    From June 10 through August 29, half of the campsites in the campground are closed, and the other half are first come-first served. Reservations can be made for all sites starting August 30.

    Joshua Tree North Dispersed Camping

    The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Joshua Tree Part II

    GPS: 34.1716, -116.2291

    About the Campsite: The Bureau of Land Management manages this area. Rigs of all sizes will be able to access this free camping near Joshua Tree National Park. There are no facilities or amenities provided. However, theres plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the views, so you shouldnt have a problem finding a spot.

    The area reportedly has decent cell service, and you should be able to work remotely here if needed. Campers report that it is typically pretty quiet during the week, while the weekend can often bring a louder crowd. Even so, most reviewers stated they felt safe while there.

    This location will allow you to spend your days exploring all Joshua Tree National Park has to offer and come back in the evening to rest up for another day of adventure.

    Reported Cell Service: Campers report great service with AT& T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Each provider shows an average of 4 bars of service.

    Joshua Tree National Park Free Camping Vibes: 7/10. This area is a great place to use as a basecamp while visiting Joshua Tree National Park. Its a rather basic but useful area to boondock, though some campers might find themselves annoyed with off-highway vehicle noise.

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    Joshua Tree National Park Dispersed Camping Bradshaw Trail Palo


    Elevation: 709

    Management: Unknown

    Not sure who owns this area but its not managed. Saw some people who look like theyve been here a long time. Stayed bout a month.

    Best Review:

    Nothing fancy but a good spot to get off the road if its crazy windy. This is a dead end road off I 10. I drove to the end and it looks like the locals use it to dump old mattresses and trash. There are places that look like you could pull up and park off road but its very soft and sandy so I turned around and drove up about an eighth of a mile from the intersection and parked on the right side of the road. There is a nice view of the snowcapped mountains and a boatload of windmills. Stayed one night.

    Joshua Tree National Park Campgrounds

    Backcountry, RV, or tentwhatever your overnight preference, Joshua Tree National Park campgrounds offer a little something for every outdoor adventurer.

    There are seven NPS campgrounds located within the park boundaries, two of whichBlack Rock Campground and Indian Cove Campgroundaccept seasonal reservations October through May. The other five campgrounds are first-come, first-served year-round.

    Campgrounds in Joshua Tree start to fill up on Thursday mornings most weekends October through May, beginning with the more popular and centrally located campsites like Hidden Valley, Jumbo Rocks, and Ryan Campground, which have sites tucked in among Joshua Trees famous boulders and Joshua trees. By Thursday evening, your options are limited. If you cant make it into the park by Thursday afternoon, and you dont have a reservation, better have a contingency plan. Fortunately, there is overflow camping and private camping available outside the park boundaries. In summer, all campgrounds are first-come, first-served.

    Only three campgroundsBlack Rock, Indian Cove, and Cottonwoodhave drinking water. Even if you are staying at one of these campgrounds, it is wise to bring at least two gallons of water with you into the park.

    There are no RV hookups at any of the park campgrounds. Black Rock and Cottonwood Campgrounds have RV-accessible potable water and dump stations, and there are spaces that can accommodate trailers under 25 feet at Hidden Valley and White Tank Campgrounds.

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    Joshua Tree Campgrounds Inside The Park

    The eight campgrounds inside Joshua Tree National Park vary quite a bit in terrain, amenities and nearby things to do. However, there are some features common to all of the campsites. They all offer offer 1/2 off the campsite fee with an Interagency Senior or Access pass. They dont take checks or cash on site, so youll need to pay on the website or at an entrance station using a credit card.

    All sites have a maximum occupancy of 2 vehicles , 3 tents and 6 people. That said, many sites will be too small or very tight for two vehicles. In addition, while RVs and trailers up to 35 feet are allowed throughout the park, many sites arent suitable for long rigs. Also, some spots are flush with the loop road that goes around the campground, making them unsuitable for slide-outs.

    All of the campsites have picnic tables, fire grates and either flush or vault toilets.

    The listings below indicate information like how many sites are available, fees, water, toilets, dump sites and whether the campground takes reservations or is first come/first served . To help you decide whether an any individual campground is right for you, we are also providing a bit about how the campground is situated and a few hikes and sights that you can do nearby.

    • # of sites: 99 sites
    • Reservation or F/F: Reservations
    • Toilets: Flush
    • Dump site: Yes

    Nearby hikes & sights: Covington Crest Trail , Westside Loop , Warren Peak , Panorama Loop

    • Toilets: Vault
    • Dump site: Yes
    • Toilets: Vault
    • Dump site: No

    Making Joshua Tree Camping Reservations

    Boondocking vs RV Park Camping // Arriving at Joshua Tree National Park in Our RV

    Joshua Tree camping reservations are hard to come by, primarily because not all campgrounds offer them. The best plan of action is to reserve well in advance at a campground that accepts reservations, or to arrive as early as possible if you’re targeting a campground that doesn’t take reservations. If you’re hoping to camp at Hidden Valley over Memorial Day Weekend, for example, you’d want to get there early on the Thursday or Friday before to ensure a good spot.

    It’s also worth noting that the campgrounds that do take reservations will not allow walk-ins. So if you’re after one of those campsites, booking in advance is required.

    Belle Campground is first-come, first-served all year round. Similarly, Hidden Valley, Ryan, and White Tank do not take reservations, so they fill up entirely on a walk-in basis. Black Rock Campground, Indian Cove, Cottonwood Campground, and Jumbo Rocks Campground are all, as of September 4, by reservation only.

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    Full Hookup Rv Camping Near Joshua Tree National Park

    Prefer to come home to a well air-conditioned trailer after a long day in the desert? Todays your luckier than a yucca moth in the Mojave day, as there is ample private RV park camping in the various towns that surround the parks northern and western borders.

    If you choose to stay in Palm Springs and soak up the accompanying hot springs and accouterments that resort city life is just dripping with, youll find yourself about an hour from the parks northern entrance. For a closer more small-town feel, check out the RV parks in Joshua Tree and nearby Twentynine Palms. Aside from amenities like a place to put your sewer hose and the usual host of suspects in the amperage department, youll also be treated to the elusive cell phone service, so Grandma can work on her selfies and the kids can do whatever it is kids do on the Internet.

    Whether youre out to explore Joshua Tree for the winter with the eagle eye of a snowbirding birdwatcher, or the park is just a launchpad for travels farther north in gorgeously barren Eastern California, Joshua Tree National Park is a true gem in the crown that we call the United States National Park System.

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