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Free Rv Camping For Veterans

Who Is Eligible To Gain Free Entrance As A Veteran

Free RV Camping and Boondocking, Veterans Park, Lordsburg NM

For purposes of this program, a veteran is identified as an individual who has served in the US Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserves, and is able to present one of the following forms of identification or the Interagency Military Pass when entering a national park:

  • Department of Defense Identification Card

  • Veteran Health Identification Card

  • Veteran ID Card

  • Veterans designation on a state-issued US drivers license or identification card

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Members are required to maintain liability insurance on their vehicle and proof of such insurancemust be carried in the vehicle. The Host locations have no responsibility for damage or theft toyour RV, tow car or to you, your family or guests. You agree to hold harmless Harvest Hosts, allHosts and their personnel from and against any and all claims, controversies, actions, causes ofactions, liabilities, demands or damages of whatever name or nature, whether at law or inequity, including reasonable attorneys fees arising from your Host visits.

How Does A Gold Star Family Gain Free Access To A National Park

Before visiting a national park site, Gold Star Family members must download and print a voucher to present to park staff, exchange for an Interagency Military Pass, or place on the vehicle dashboard at unstaffed sites . View a list of federal locations that issue passes.By downloading and signing the voucher, Gold Star Family members are self-certifying that they meet the required criteria as identified in sections 3.2 and 3.3 of Department of Defense Instruction 1348.36. Following is the self-certification language on the voucher:

I hereby affirm that I am an eligible next of kin of a member of the United States Armed Forces who lost his or her life in a qualifying situation, such as war, an international terrorist attack or a military operation outside of the United States while serving in the United States Armed Forces, as identified in sections 3.2 and 3.3 of Department of Defense Instruction 1348.36.

Gold Star Family members can obtain a free Military Pass online through the USGS Store. There is a $10 online processing fee.

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Military Campgrounds & Rv Parks

U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks

For an extensive list of military campgrounds and RV parks by state, follow this guide. Whether youre looking to set up a tent, stay in a cabin, or park your RV for the night, this guide has compiled all the information you need to find the perfect campground or RV park to accommodate the needs of traveling service members.

We want to thank our countrys active military, veterans, National Guard, and reservists for their time, their sacrifice, and their bravery. As more companies and campgrounds get involved to honor our active military and veterans through extended discounts, this list will grow. Please list any military and veteran discounts in the comments below and check back often for more updates as they become available.

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Heres The Criteria Of Qualifications That May Allow You To Reserve And Stay At Military Famcamps Per Militarybenefitsinfo:

  • Military retirees and families
  • Former Prisoners of War
  • Veterans with service-connected disabilities
  • Reserves members, Reserve Corps of the Public Health Service or a commissioned officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the meets the requirements for being considered a veteran AND also meets the above criteria are eligible for campground access.
  • Honorably discharged veterans are not authorized, unless they meet the additional criteria listed above.

All of that said, despite qualifications, Active Duty and their families always take precedence especially during PCS season or times. After which, RV and campsites are based on other precedences and space availability.

And be aware, there may be prescribed time limits allowing you to stay at military campgrounds or FamCamps. However, user and occupancy regulations all come down to each individual Command authorization. The best way to find out who can use specific military campgrounds, its best to call the particular Outdoor Recreation or MWR office for details and reservation.

Speaking of military camping at FamCamps and military campgrounds, did you know that military-based MWR and Outdoor Recreation programs offer camping gear rentals such as kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, cots, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, camp cookware and other camping equipment? But get this! Some military recreation facilities rent out cabins and cottages, campers and boats too!

What Is Covered By The Free Access Program

The voucher covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees at national forests and grasslands and on lands managed by the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and US Army Corps of Engineers.

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Looking For Exciting Rv Trip Ideas And Travel Suggestions

Weve written a library of RV Travel books that lay out guided RV explorations of scenic areas of the US that weve explored and think would make an excellent RV trip for you.

In each location, we provide a suggested route and itinerary as well as links to multiple campgrounds and boondocking spots, local tips, and interesting things to do at each location.

You can hit everything in seven days, do a whirlwind weekend tour, or you can take your time and explore the area over a 2+ week period.

Planning an RV trip can be very time-consuming so thats why weve done the research for you! Just take our guides and use them. Were sure youll have an RV trip for the ages! Instant download.

How Does A Veteran Gain Free Entrance To A National Park

Free Camping at Oronoco Campground, George Washington NF, VA

In national parks that charge an entrance fee, a veteran will need to present one of the following forms of identification to receive a free Interagency Military Pass:

  • Department of Defense Identification Card

  • Veteran Health Identification Card

  • Veteran ID Card

  • Veterans designation on a state-issued U.S. drivers license or identification card

Its especially important to obtain the Interagency Military Pass to display on the vehicle dashboard at unstaffed sites. View a list of federal locations that issue passes.

At sites that do not issue annual Interagency Military Passes, showing the above forms of identification will allow free entrance.

Veterans can also obtain a free Military Pass online through the USGS Store. There is a $10 online processing fee.

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Look At Other Branches Of Service

Are you a soldier who has run out of ideas to find new-to-you camping opportunities? Why not try looking for places outside your own military service comfort zone and dont be afraid to try something new. You dont have to be a primitive-based camper or an RV owner to get a lot of use from MWR camping facilities.

And dont forget to look outside your own familiar branch of service for such facilitiesthe Coast Guard has recreational lodging facilities such as the one near Lake Tahoe which offers the use of A-frame apartments, boat rentals, skiing and swimming, etc. Camping doesnt have to mean tents and mosquitoes.

Are 100% Service Connected Given Reduced Rates6 Years 2 Weeks Ago#14952

  • Thank you received: 2
monkey44, please let me know when your list is complete and posted and/or how I might get such. Hopefully this does include state parks, COE and NP’s.We were in Ohio last year and camped at East Harbor State Park. Mentioned that I am on 100% disability and were given a free site as long as we wanted. Further down the state on our return trip home another Ohio State Park gave us a 10% discount. Not that I’m complaining, don’t get me wrong, but is there no consistency? Good luck on you list.Thanks you

Please or to join the conversation.

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Military Rv Parks Also Save You Money

People assume the RV lifestyle is relatively cheap until they truly research or start camping.

Staying at a military campground will save you sometimes more than 60% when compared to civilian RV parks.

The average FamCamp runs $25-$35 per night, again with Full Hook Ups and other great amenities. Be careful to research each military RV park for rates based on your military status.

Active duty service members will pay less than retired veterans, while civilians with base access will pay the most.

Some FamCamps, such as Peregrine Pines FamCamp in CO, change the nightly rates based on your RVs length so that can further affect your budget.

Military campgrounds also allow monthly, even 90 day stays, at varying locations for excellent rates.

Make Sure You Get All The Benefits You Deserve

10 Best Military RV Parks In The U.S.

Regardless of what state you live in, its important that you pursue the monthly compensation payments due to you for disabilities connected to your military service.

Most veterans are underrated for their disabilities and therefore not getting the compensation they deserve. At VA Claims Insider, we help veterans understand and take control of the claims process so they can get the rating and compensation theyre owed by law.

Our process takes the guesswork out of filing a VA disability claim and supports you every step of the way in building a fully-developed claim so you can increase your rating in less time!

If youve filed your VA disability claim and have been denied or have received a low rating or youre not sure how to get started reach out to us for a FREE VA Claim Discovery Call, so you can FINALLY get the disability rating and compensation you deserve. Weve supported more than 15,000 veterans to win their claims and increase their ratings. NOW ITS YOUR TURN.

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Is There A Lifetime Pass For Veterans And Gold Star Families

Yes. Congress recently passed legislation authorizing a free lifetime pass to national parks and other federal recreation areas for eligible U.S. military veterans and Gold Star families. In recent years, they were able to receive annual passes. The new lifetime passes will be available to distribute later in 2022. Until then, Gold Star families and veterans may continue to use The Interagency Annual Military Pass with proof of eligibility as described above.

Best Kept Secrets Campground Guide

Search by state to find the perfect place for a getaway.

The BKS guide gives you access to all the information you need to book your next getaway. You will find contact information for each location, as well as details on available amenities and activities, which can range from hiking, swimming, hunting and fishing to golf, tennis and bowling.

If you prefer glamping to camping, BKS also has you covered. You can book stays in fully furnished chalet cabins, cottages, villas or beachside cabins. There are also vacation rentals, lodges, condo units, mobile home rentals and hotels.

Traveling by recreational vehicle and looking for an RV park? BKS has you covered. Or, if it better fits your style, you might consider renting a yurt or choosing a more rustic campsite.

For those traveling outside the peak camping months, some sites also have easy access to museums, fitness centers, movie theaters or even snow skiing.

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Access Isnt Guaranteed For Civilians

Military recreation facilities may or may not be open to those without military ID, veteran status, retirees, dependents, etc. Overall, if you are a retiree, disabled veteran, currently serving active duty, Guard, or Reservist, you may have a much easier time accessing certain camp facilities. Why?

It all depends on whether or not the campground is physically located on the military base, or adjacent to it. If you are trying to access a campground that is behind the gate on an Army post, Air Force base, etc. you will need to either carry the required ID or be escorted by someone who does.

Not all bases allow a military member to escort a civilian as a guest, but some do. In such cases the base will dictate what requirements must be met for ID, temporary passes, parking, etc.

Military campgrounds that are not physically located on post may have more relaxed guidelines for who can and cannot use the grounds.

Final Thoughts On Military Camping

FREE RV Parks in Texas -With Hookups!!!

We hope you got a great deal of helpful information on how military, past and present can camp affordably. You earned the privilege to see the world and spend quality time with your family and friends. So, why not do it camping or RVing? There may be other ways out there to save money while camping. Wed love to hear about them in our comments.

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American Forces Travel Offers Big Travel Discounts

Search for great rates on airfare, hotels, cruises, rental cars and more.

American Forces Travel is another place you can turn to save money on your next vacation. Eligible users include: active-duty, National Guard and reserve, U.S. Coast Guard, retired military, eligible family members, DOD appropriated fund and nonappropriated fund civilians and honorably discharged veterans.

In addition to saving on things like airfare, hotels, rental cars and cruises, you can also use American Forces Travel to score discounts on concerts, theater, sporting events and more via its Secondary Ticket Marketplace.

Whether you are looking to spend a day visiting local attractions or planning a vacation, service members can also find deals by visiting their local installation Information, Tickets and Travel office.

Another great way service members can save is through the Space-A travel program. Though sometimes unpredictable, military flights are perfect for families with flexible plans and limited travel budgets. You can sign up for a Space-A flight through a military terminal up to 60 days in advance.

Its important to take time to relax away from the work grind. Know your leave accrual policies and use your time off to prevent burnout. Plan ahead so there isnt a conflict with work. Make it a priority for your mental and physical health.

Wisconsin Dells Military Discount Camping

Fox Hill RV Resort & Campground appreciates the service men and women of the United State Military provide to the nation. To show that appreciation, we offer Wisconsin Dells military discount camping each year during our Armed Forces Weekend where we offer free camping accommodations to all current members of the Armed Forces. So its a little less like Wisconsin Dells military discount camping and a lot more like totally free camping for military members.

The dates for the Armed Forces Weekend are usually in May. However, the dates for this weekend vary from year to year, so please call us at 608-356-5890 for exact dates.

In addition to the military offer, Fox Hill also offers Heroes Week, which provides discounted camping to teachers, nurses, police, firefighters, and other public service members. Please call us at 608-356-5890 for exact dates and details.

Check out our other discounts for even more savings.

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Are 100% Service Connected Given Reduced Rates5 Years 2 Months Ago#16130

  • Swim-bike-run-1
  • Thank you received: 5
Nice topic!As another V.A. 100%er as well as a Floridian resident I’ve heard with my Florida state park pass State park camping was free??? Have yet to see this…Florida does also give free fishing/hunting license which I enjoy gratefully! It’s also gotten me outta drama from FWC as they give “silent shake” pretty fast as long as you’re not doing anything wrong to those presenting papers as opposed to those without disabled veteran credentials…in Florida they’ll take you to jail for fishing without a license, much less doing stupid stuff…Natl parks disabled pass saved me hundreds, or hundred a year as I’d buy an annual if uncle sugar didn’t provide me one as a perk. Never gotten a discount on camping as I’ve only bicycle toured/camped thru natl parks, which is $5 a nite at most natl parks for bicyclists.California Monterey veterans park gives a 1/3 discount on camping, it shares fence with defense language institute up on the hill, closest camping to downtown Monterey California.

If You Arent A Vet Are You Eligible To Camp At Military Campgrounds

These are just neat little things I have picked up either through ...

As a general rule, if youve never been in the military, you cant camp at military campgrounds. However, some military campgrounds will allow civilians with no military connections to camp. So if you are a civilian, call the campground. Ask them if theyll allow you to stay with them.

Here are the basic MWR access requirements:

  • Honorably discharged veterans
  • Military retirees and their families
  • Former prisoners of war
  • Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipients
  • Veterans with service-related disabilities
  • Members of reserve components

For details about the MWR program, read the references below.

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Can You Rv Camp At A Military Campground

Are you or a member of your family on active military duty? Are you retired, disabled, or have an honorable discharge? If you are, did you know youre eligible to camp on military campgrounds?

If youve never heard of the program, its called the MWR branch. And all branches of service have one. It stands for the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation branch.

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