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Where To Go Truck Camping

The Garden Of The Gods

Truck Camping in -11°C Degrees

With one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Garden Of The Gods has 1,367 acres of beautiful red rock territory. If you are looking for some physical activity in a beautiful natural paradise while camping in your custom made truck camper, this is the place to go in Colorado. The city park offers 15 miles of colorful trails perfect for hiking, technical rock climbing, road and mountain biking and horseback riding.

Truck Bed Camper Shell

Truck campers are as close you can get to a real RV without having to buy one. Truck bed campers are also the BEST OPTION for families traveling together since they provide the most space and stability.

Another benefit to truck bed campers is that theyre not classified as RVs but under cargo instead, so THEY WONT COST you additional fees in campgrounds when youre truck bed camping.

Since truck bed campers come in different types, such as pop-up models or hard-shell slide units, purchasing either will really depend on your budget and truck bed camping needs.

Pop-Up Truck Bed Camper Shell

Since pop-up truck campers are made with collapsible material, theyre definitely more lightweight than hard-sided slide-in camper models.

Pop-up truck campers are also:

  • Cheaper
  • Easier to set up and store for truck bed camping
  • Easier to drive with
  • Lower clearance height

One thing to note about using pop-up truck bed campers for truck bed camping is youll have less protection.

Since the material used for the camper is light, its also EASILY PENETRATED by weather elements.

Slide-In Truck Bed Camper Shell

Towing a hard-shell, slide-in truck camper might sound intimidating because of the sheer size of the unit. However, dont think that a slide-in truck camper works like hooking up a trailer to your vehicle.

All you have to do is:

  • Jack your vehicle HIGH ENOUGH so the truck bed can slide under the camper.
  • Secure the camper to your truck bed with tie-downs and turnbuckles.
  • Piggyback On Campground Wifi

    You can also log into campground WiFi every time you decide to make an overnight stop at a developed campground.

    In some cases, you may even be able to log into these connections briefly if you are stopping through a park for day use only.

    For me, my conscience is always a bit cleaner if I am paying for a campsite and then enjoying free WiFi as a perk.

    The only issue with campground WiFi is that it is not always the fastest if the campground is full and there are many others using it.

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    Lance 1172 Truck Camper From $63626

    • For: Flat-bed trucks
    • Weight: 4,174 lbs
    • Sleeps: Up to six

    Features: Double-bed, dining area that turns into a double bed, full-size sofa, galley, dry bathroom and cabinets and 8ft headroom.

    Lets start with the biggest, most luxurious truck campers of them all the Lance hard-side truck campers. We went all out and chose the 1172 model, which features two slide-outs, but they also offer single-slide and smaller, non-slide models.

    The 1172s truck bed camper slide-outs, which make room for the dining area and sofa, are electric and controlled by a remote, so theyre super easy to set up.

    The bed is big and theres storage all around it for clothes and gadgets. The bathrooms size is impressive, especially considering its a dry bath. The windows are big, making the interior extra bright.

    The 1172 truck camper comes with fresh , grey and black water tanks as well as a water heater and a heating system. The galley is really a kitchen it boasts a big refrigerator and even a dedicated trash compartment.

    Among the options are a generator, solar panel, satellite dish, awnings and more. This pickup camper is truly a mini motorhome.

    Find out more about Lance they offer both short and long bed hard-side truck campers.

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    What If You Dont Want To Go To The Touristy Places

    New Kingstar Truck Camper Targets Wide Demographic

    My best advice is to talk to people. Think about who you know who might have visited that area before. Or maybe you know someone who lives nearby your intended destination area. Email them and ask what theyve done in that area.

    Above: After you cross a state line, look for a welcome center with tourist information

    When we get to an area, I ask people who live there what to do. I talk to the check out person at the grocery store. I ask the campground host for places he/she has visited nearby. Ill even ask the attendant at the gas station.

    Locals often know where to go. They are usually proud of the area in which they live and want to share the coolest thing to do in their area. I cant tell you how many times I have asked where the best thrift stores are located.

    When we get to an area, I ask people who live there what to do. Locals often know where to go.

    Visiting the tourist information centers is something we always do. Yes, there will be brochures and pamphlets showing all the local tourist attractions. However, you can also talk to the ranger or tourism guide for off-menu, non-tourist ideas. The people at tourist centers have a wealth of knowledge.

    I have asked tourism center folks where RVs can camp. I have asked them what the best hikes are in the area. I have asked them about road conditions. I have asked them about restaurant suggestions. Specifically, where do the locals like to go? We want to truly experience each area we visit.

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    What Are The Features And Amenities

    Spending the night in a pop up truck camper is similar to going on a luxury camping trip. It has many of the same amenities you would find in a larger RV or camper van. Every model comes with a comfortable bed, extra seating, a small kitchen area, and dinette.

    Larger versions can also come with an outdoor shower, cassette toilet, or even a wet room!

    Truck Camping Remote Workstation


    Mobile Workspace

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    Driving Excessively Fast On Freeways

    I feel the need, the need for speed! This is fine if youre Tom Cruise flying an F-14 Tomcat or Craig Breedlove setting a world speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats, but doing this in a truck camper on todays freeways is just plain stupid. Exceeding the speed limit is dangerous not only for yourself, but also for others who are sharing the road with you. It doesnt matter if youre hauling a pop-up or hard-side, driving the same speed you normally would without a truck camper isnt wise. Think about it. What if you need to stop in an emergency? All of that extra weight will make stopping your 12,000 pound rig harder and take valuable seconds of response time. It also makes emergency maneuvers that much harder without flipping over .

    Unforgetable Colorado Truck Camping Destinations

    Winter MICRO Truck Camping through a SEVERE WIND STORM

    Living in Colorado gives you the advantage of having all the outdoor adventures and wonders available at your reach. And if youre not from Colorado, the good news is that with our custom truck campers you dont have to live here to enjoy these amazing outdoor destinations. With Phoenix Custom Truck Campers you can take your Camping Experience to a whole new level anywhere you want to. Today we would like to write about 3 unforgettable places to camp with your Custom Truck Camper in Colorado:

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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Truck Camping

    People make funny faces when we tell them we sleep in our truck. To clear up the confusion, heres everything you ever wanted to know about truck camping , including why we do it.

    Truck camping is simply camping inside your vehicle instead of in a tent, be it a pickup truck with a topper or a simple SUV like ours. Ive heard of plenty of people who car camp as well. Usually, they just sleep in the back seat or drop the back seats flat if in a hatchback style car. While car camping could work, it would be very cramped with more than one person.

    A quick search for the term truck camping will show you examples of people who completely trick out their vehicles for truck camping. Im a firm believer in the KISS principle and so I havent modified anything. We still use our SUV as a primary vehicle and only camp in it a few nights a year so it doesnt make sense to do too much. That and Im lazy.

    The Midwest 25 Peninsula State Park Wisconsin

    Why Its Cool: Theres something for everyone here. Recreation options include an 18-hole golf course, volleyball courts, boating, hiking, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Eight miles of shoreline call to water lovers and boaters, while miles of bike trails make for a more rigorous workout before spending the night under the stars.

    Where to Camp: The park has five campgrounds with a mix of electric and nonelectric sites. Reservations are recommended. Back country camping is not allowed.

    When Its Open: Year-round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. .

    Cost: A vehicle admission sticker is required for park entry. Daily stickers are available for $7 or $10 , while annual stickers are available for $25 or $35. For more information, visit the parks website.

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    Best For Bare Bones Budgets: Project M Four Wheel Campers

    Even if youre on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable truck bed campers to choose from. Project M from Four Wheel Campers is one of our favorites. Its a signature pop-up camper with gas-assist lifters available for use on mid-size and full-size trucks. The camper includes all the bare essentials for comfortable living out on the open road and is spacious enough to store your entire outdoor gear closet and then some.

    Project M truck camper.

    Project M features a pull-out bed that doubles in size, four adjustable windows, insulated roof and side walls, and interior shelving. The aluminum-welded frame is designed for off-roading. Aluminum siding is offered in seven different color options. For an additional cost, you can opt to add the Pre-Wire for Power package. That includes the installation of four LED lights as well as the pre-wiring for roof vent fans, rear floodlights, and solar power.

    After installing the pre-wire package you can upgrade your camper with Four Wheel Campers AGM 12 Volt Battery Power Solution and optional truck charging package or combination battery and solar package. Other accessories available for add-on include a refrigerator, porta-potty, awning, vent, and vent fan.

    Project M midSize truck model specs:

    Interior height: 57 plus the depth of your truck bed

    Exterior height : 58 plus height of your truck bed rails

    The exterior height : 37 plus height of your truck bed rails

    exterior Width: 69

    For Eating Or Cooking Alps’ Collapsible Dining Table Is Light Sturdy And Quick To Set Up With Multiple Sizes Available

    rugged truck campers

    Pros: Quickly assembles, durable construction, is a nice height for both eating and cooking on

    Cons: Bulky

    The Alps Mountaineering Dining Table comes in two parts, the base and the top, in a divided fabric bag that protects them from scratching each other . Once removed for set up, the base of the table scissors open, while a bungied aluminum slat top unrolls and clips to the base to stabilize the surface. This set up takes roughly a minute but does well to deliver a sturdy eating area in the backcountry.

    I opted for the regular size, which has plenty of room to hold my stove and all my cooking gear, as well as a camp light with room for food prep, too. The table is strong enough to support plenty of gear, too, including multiple stoves, plates and silverware, a large jug for water, and whatever else makes its way onto it like headlamps, wayward backpacks, and sunglasses and smartphones.

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    Make Your Truck Livable

    These are the 5 best truck life builds.

    Ive sorted each build by use. So whether youre looking for a budget build or an overlander build, youll find it here. Lets begin!

    Best Overall: Truck Camping Shell

    What is it?
    Why go a Truck Camper Shell build?
    • Simple: Only need a camper shell + drawers to make this work.
    • Saves You Money: You can park anywhere. Whether thats a Walmart parking lot or a neighborhood, this stealth parking feature will save you a TON of cash.
    • Compact: Theres 0 wasted space. Youve got a bed and all your camping gear efficiently stored below in the drawer.
    • Upgradable: Need to camp more people? Add a rooftop tent or attach an RV.
    Examples of Build
    • Bound To Nowhere: A couple rocked this build for 9 months with no issues. They highly recommend it for beginners.
    • Big Sexy Beast Adventures: A solo overlander thats contributed to this guide. Patrick has been rocking a camper shell build for years.
    Who is it for?

    Couples or solo adventurers. This is the option Ive personally chosen.

    Best Budget: Truck Camping Tents

    What is it?
    Why go for it?

    Its dirt cheap, easy, and fast. Heres a quick comparison between camper shells and truck tents:

    Simply put:

    Truck tents are cheap and fast while camper shells are more of a permanent solution. Camper shells also have better rain proofing and insulation ability than truck tents.

    Examples of Build
    • NBedits: A recreational fisher that camps out of his truck tent.
    Who is it for?
    What is it?

    How To Find Places To Car Camp In Your Roof Top Tent

    in Camping / by Roofnest Team

    This post has been updated on Feb 1, 2022 to include up-to-date information on finding and reserving campsite.

    on your car is like regular campingbut way better.

    You dont have to set up a tent, its more comfortable, more convenient, better protected from weather, and you wake up with a heck of a panoramic view.

    A hard shell roof top tent automatically turns any car into a camper. That means that finding a spot where you can stay overnight with your Roofnest is really no different than looking for a camping spot for a normal tent except with the added benefit of being able to stay in places that exclusively allow vans, campers, and RVs.

    When youre looking for a place to camp in your Roofnest, youre essentially looking for a place where you can car camp. Before you plan your next great adventure with your hard shell roof top tent, take a few minutes to check out this guide on how to find car camping spots.

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    Pros To Truck Camper Camping

    • A truck camper is small + compact.
    • Its road-ready! once mounts are installed on your truck, you can be on the road with a truck camper in minutes.
    • You can have all of the features of a typical RV
    • You can turn your everyday truck into an RV.
    • Youre able to travel anywhere your truck is capable of going.
    • You dont have to learn how to tow.
    • Its easy to find parking in towns with small parking spaces.
    • Youre able to tow toys with you like boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers, motorcycles.
    • You can leave it at your campsite and take only your truck into town.
    • It can be more affordable than other tiny living options.

    Carry An Emergency Communication Device

    Urban Stealth Truck Camping at Walmart / Boondocking

    When it comes to trunk camping, or really all backcountry wilderness experiences, peace of mind goes a long way. Thats why I believe everybody who spends time in the outdoors should have an S.O.S button and communication device in case of an emergency.

    Having a way to communicate with the outside world is always a good idea, but its an especially good idea when you find yourself somewhere remote, like 15 miles into the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the only place that Ive ever actually gotten stuck in my truck.

    There are many solutions for backcountry communications, but I choose the Garmin InReach Mini, which is also Kristens top choice.

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    How To Find Free Camping Sites On Public Lands

    Public lands are our preferred source of free campgrounds. There are literally millions of acres of National Forest, Grasslands, BLM, and other public lands scattered throughout the United States, and most of it is accessible to the public for free!

    Often, with a little work and research, youll find absolutely incredible free camp spots with breathtaking views and significantly fewer camp neighbors than traditional developed campgrounds.

    IMPORTANT: All public lands are an incredibly precious resource and should be treated with the greatest respect. As such you should familiarize yourself with the Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly principles and practice them while making use of these and other free camping locations.

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