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Fun Camping Activities For Kids

Make Binoculars And Go On A Nature Walk

Pretend Play Camping Fun Activities for kids!

Tape two toilet paper tubes together and string a neckstrap through the sides. Bring some stickers and let the kids decorate their own binoculars.

On your walk, point out the animals you see, the foliage you find, and the sounds you hear. This is a great verbal exercise for kids under four!

Talking about textures, colors, and positioning words expands vocabulary. This is also a great time to point out the kind of foliage we want to avoid .

Let Them Fill A Backpack With Their Own Activities

Well turn this one around and instead of planning camping activities for kids, let the kids plan their own activities. Something we institute on most of our trips is the only bring what fits in your backpack rule. Clearly weve just listed out a bunch of stuff that in no way will fit in one backpack. But this rule is more for the toys your kids want to bring above and beyond what youve planned.

Olivia got a new backpack for her birthday so we let her fill it with whatever toys she wanted to bring. It mostly consisted of a couple stuffed animals, some books, a baby toy she so generously packed for baby brother, a game of go fish, and a couple other random items she squeezed in at the last second because she had room remaining . But this ensures that whatever they deem important to their own campsite entertainment, gets packed.

Stay Off Of The Ground When Tent Camping

There are many ways to add a barrier between your kids and the ground, some of the most popular include using Kids Play Mat Set, Kids Inflatable Airbeds and Kids Camping Bunk Beds over your tent floor.

Cots are fabulous for this task but they are bulkier to pack and more expensive than the alternatives the benefits outweigh the challenges for many campers and cots are the first choice.The combination of a mat below an inflatable air mattress works wonders and packs up for easier transporting it is also a cheaper option which is always a plus.

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Camping Activities Need To Include Rest

There is nothing worse than fun camping activities being spoiled by cranky kids that did not get enough sleep.

To keep your campers smiling you need to keep them comfy and dry.

If you are tent camping there are lots of ways to stay comfortable it all starts with a buffer between sleeping campersand the cold, hard and sometimes wet ground.

Bring A Bouncer As A Fun Activity To Do Around Camp With Babies

Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Sometimes it helps to have the comforts of home brought to the campground when it comes to babies!

For us, having bouncers really helped keep the babies busy around camp!

Not only were they contained, but they had toys to play with and an area we could put snacks on to keep them even more occupied!

camping baby bouncersFresh Food Feeders

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Bug And Bird Watching

Being out in the wilderness allows kids to see much more bug and bird activity than they normally see in the city.

Bug and bird watching gadgets make learning and investigating the critters waaaaay more fun for kids.

The Outdoor Exploration Kit has just about everything a kid could need to explore for days!

The lightweight binoculars have a protective soft case that can attach to a belt, the simple hand crank flashlight has bright LED lights,

the pocket sized compass is great for locating positions on maps and learning about wayfinding and direction

the 3x magnifying glass is perfect for inspecting plants and bugs, the whistle is a nice little safety device and all of that comes in a little backpack.

The National Geographic Kids Bird Guide Of North America helps kids understand and identify 100 species of birds plus it includes interesting information about eating habits, birdsongs, names, wingspans and more!

Field Trips For Summer Camp Activities

Field trips away from camp add fun variety to summer. Favorites often include fire stations, factories, museums, libraries, or zoos. You can also take kids to local water parks, the movies bowling, or to play mini golf.

There are ways to go on adventures that dont involve bus rides and logistics. Ask each camper to plan their dream vacation. Ask them where they would go, how they would get there, and what they would do. They can present their plan to fellow campers.

If your campers prefer art projects, give them a printed outline of a country and have them make an artistics interpretation of it using whatever supplies they can find. They lay them out in a world map orientation and hang it somewhere everyone will see.

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Indoor Rainy Day Camping Activities

Make sure you are prepared for those dreaded rain days!

It is no fun sitting inside a tent or under an awning staring at each other with raindrops falling in the background!

These rainy day camp games are a blast!

Make sure you get our FREE printable Charades Camping Game too!

Rainy day fun camping activities can only happen if you are not floating away! LOL

Dont let a wet camping trip get the best of you, check out our Tips For Camping In The Rain post for more info!

Sound Outside Camping Hack

Super Fun Camping Games For Kids

We all know that we dont want to bring technology camping, but sometimes rain happens, or your kids need an activity to wind down. Time for DIY ipod speakers. If you have wi-fi at your campground, use a solo cup as a speaker, with this idea from Lifehacker.

Or, lets get serious. If you want better sound then check out some blue tooth speaker options.

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Viewing Nature Up Close

An essential part of any family camping trip is exploring for bugs, rocks, birds, flowers. Really anything and everything. If youre out in wild, you may as well go all in. We had a bug house at home so we brought it with us. And of course a quality pair of binoculars . Apart from those two things we went to the local Dollar Tree and rounded up a bunch of inexpensive little surprises that we brought out each day a compass, net, tweezers, magnifying glass. Having daily surprises at the ready is a great way to redirect any potential tantrum that may headed your way.

Makeshift outdoor exploration kits are one of our favorite camping activities for kids because they provide entertainment value for all ages. In fact, our 4-year old gave our 1-year old a little science lesson. She showed him how to use all the equipment and then he put those skills to good use collecting rocks and sticks.

Best Camping Activities For Kids

With so many things to do at a KOA campground and even more in the surrounding towns there arent a lot of activities you have to plan for your kids, but there are some we think you just must do.

These are the best camping activities for kids that make a family camping trip complete!

  • Go on a nature walk.
  • Cook over the campfire.
  • Tell stories by the fire.
  • Play cards or board games.
  • Tie dye a shirt.
  • Cloud watch.
  • One of the things we enjoyed most about our family camping trip was the chance to just hang out and be together. We took advantage of our screened in porch and spent time outside drawing, reading and watching the animals and bugs all around us. If you you know that we met up with a family of racoons and got to see a live sand dollar on the beach.

    Keeping the activities simple and fun is a great way for everyone to enjoy a vacation!

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    Fun Camping Games For Kids

    During the midst of summer and into early fall, camping is a great activity for the whole family. Especially since it means kids and teens alike can experience the great outdoors sans electronics. On your downtime at the campsite, celebrate screen-free time with camping games for kids.

    We have put together a variety of camping games, for those natural athletes, nature lovers, games for younger campers and more. These can all vary by skill and accessibility, so be sure to gauge your surroundings and kids skill levels before getting started. Check in with your little campers to be sure they know the rules and limitations for your camping grounds .

    Family Camping Activity & Game Guide

    Easy Camping Kidsâ Crafts · Kix Cereal

    Never just look at each other and wonder what to do!! The Camping planner includes not only ALL the checklists you could need to make sure you dont forget the important necessities, but also a GIANT list of roughly 50 memory-making activities for your kids to enjoy while you are camping and the best thing is its only $7!!

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    Ideas 5 10 Of Tips For Camping With Toddlers

  • Dirty Diaper Bags: I got these for my baby shower and hadnt used them yet . I was pretty impressed. They are infused with baking soda to keep the stinky diaper smells down, and really helped between treks to the dumpster. The dispenser part was great when fumbling around in a dark tent!
  • Naptime When it comes to a baby schedule, things can really get crazy when camping. When a baby misses a nap he/she will not be a happy camper. Keep everything running smoothly with a Portable Baby Rocking Swing or a Infant Travel Bed.
  • 4 Helpful Tips for Keeping a Toddler Safe Around the Campfire There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire as the sun goes down. However, the fire can be dangerous and tempting to a small child. Keeping them safe can be a challenge. Kate gives 4 really great tips for keeping babies and toddlers safe by the campfire. Also when you just need to set the baby somewhere safe for just a minute, check out this portable activity station!
  • Confronting Bedtime Intimidations While Camping: Camping with kids can be really intimidating and the scariest part is when the sun goes down. So here are some great tips on how to face that fear and have a successful bedtime.
  • Plastic tubs Bath Time are a great way to keep dirt and creepy crawlies out of your gear. When empty they make great camping baby bath tubs. Babies get so dirty when camping!
  • Packing Ideas For Camping Activities With Kids

    Do you ever get the feeling that youve forgotten something as soon as you head out on the road for a big trip? There are so many things to do while camping, you need to be organized and prepared so you can actually enjoy it! Dont worry, these ideas will help make sure youve got everything you need to make your camping activities and adventures a success!

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    Write Down What You See In Nature

    You may have an older teenager who’s become quite reflective. They may enjoy some alone time on your trip, which can make for a meaningful grounding experience. During their solitude, they can take a walk through the streams, by the lake, and through the woods or trails.

    As they tour the land, have them write down what they see in a notebook and write poetry or compelling thoughts inspired by what they observe.

    Bird Watching And Wildlife Spotting

    Camping Activities for Kids

    This is a tricky activity to do with young kids as theyll need to sit still for long periods of time to get the best out of it. However, if older kids are able to stay put in a hidden location near a lake, river or in a forest, then the wait will be well worth it. For the best experience, where clothes that you wont get too hot or cold in whilst being still, take some binoculars and have something to sit on. A notebook and pen is also a good idea to record what youve seen and you can even take a wildlife book to identify your findings as you spot them.

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    Best Camping Hacks For Families Traveling With Kids

    These are just a few of the camping tips that we have scoured the Internet for, and incorporated into our camping routine. Whether for your next trip you are headed to a National Park or a campsite just down the road or your own backyard, these ideas will have you camping like a Park Ranger: relaxed, having lots of fun and enjoying the beautiful scenery instead of being stressed out.

    Make Sure To Have Some Fun Open Ended Toys While Camping With Kids

    Some of these might include shovels and buckets, trucks and cups, as well as maybe some kitchen stuff too!

    If you really need to get camp chores done, you might not have time to constantly help your child play or participate in games with them.

    Thats when these toys, that they can play with independently, really come into play!

    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE playing with my kids!

    Sometimes, though, work has got to get done before play!

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    Make And Float Stick Boats

    This camping activity requires a little bit more parent help, but its so much fun that its absolutely worth the extra effort. Gather small sticks from around the campsite and put them all in a pile. Once you have enough sticks, use some twine and lash them together into whatever shape of boat your toddler wants. You could make a circle or a triangle, a boat with a rudder, or one with a sail. Be creative.

    After youve made your boat, find a stream to float it down. See what features worked well and which ones didnt and go back and modify the boat to make it better. This is the perfect activity for camping with toddlers on a hot day!

    Ideas 1 5 Of Packing Ideas For Camping With Kids

    10 Super fun outdoor activities for kids they will Love To Play
  • Things to Pack for Camping/ Checklist With so many things to do while camping, make sure you dont forget anything with this free printable checklist!
  • Keeping Things Organized Great tips from other camping with toddlers! We all learn from each other, right? This lady has got it down!
  • Portable High Chair Keeping the baby out of the dirt long enough to eat can be a struggle while camping with toddlers. A portable high chair is a great way to clean them, contain them, feed them, and then set them down and let the dirtiness continue.
  • Water Backpack For Kids When camping with kids, we often take day hikes and explore our area. Hiking is one of the best camping activities for kids. Each child has their own water and carries it around on their back. This is a great way to keep their hands free and make sure everyone has plenty of water.
  • Shower Cap Shoe Cover Kids tend to get really dirty camping. Cover your shoes with a shower cap so that they dont get other things in your bag dirty. So all of your camping activities will be more fun if you dont have dirty camping gear.
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    Camping Activities For Kids

    Summertime is here and for many people that means it is time to get out of the heat and head to the mountains. If you are heading out camping with kids in tow, make sure to have some of these camping activities on hand.

    Our favorite camping activities involve getting out and exploring nature. This Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt makes any hike more fun as kids see who can be the first to spot certain items in nature. I love that this includes pictures so even the smallest explorers can get involved in the fun!

    I also love to take along a Nature Explorer Kit so that the kids feel like official explorers. These can be put together for just a few dollars and make camping even more exciting.

    Build Some Camp Furniture

    With your newly learned knots and some sticks from the forest floor, spend the afternoon building some camp furniture! Start with a simple tripod to use as a washing up stand, and work your way up to more complex items like side tables and shoe racks. Youll be building complex shelving units before you know it!

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    Nature Activities At The Campground

    What better place to encourage some nature learning and exploration than at the campsite?

    We find that if given a little bit of time and encouragement our kids will start exploring and asking great questions which have led to all sorts of neat discoveries. Because of this, we now keep some local field guides in our camper all the time.

    Heres A Summary Of The Best Camping Activities For Kids

    Handprint Campfire Craft
    • Include them in packing for the camp trip
    • Go on a campsite scavenger hunt
    • Bring a bucket for nature soup
    • Assign simple chores such as kindling gathering to keep any little ones busy!
    • Have some fun camping crafts ready to use
    • Play some fun camping games such as Spot It and Charades
    • Bring chalk and let them decorate the camp site !
    • Journal Prompts with writing Practice
    • Hands On Camp Activity Printables

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