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National Park Service Rv Camping

National Parks That Offer Rv Hookups For Travelers

NEW PLAN for National Park Campgrounds

A look at 3 National Parks that you dont have to dry camp at

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Americas National Park Service is full of mountains, valleys, spectacular views, and natural beauty. Its no wonder that those features make National Parks so popular among RVers. Most National Parks often offer accommodations for RVers, but with a catch, many of these RV grounds dont provide utility hookups for your ride. This means youll be dry camping and for some travelers, this isnt what they signed up for.

Forest River No Boundaries Nb198

You dont have to leave the kids behind just because you want a smaller trailer and big adventures. Forest Rivers No Boundaries lineup offers lightweight trailers and tons of features geared toward outdoor recreation. The NB19.8 is one of two bunkhouse models and includes a dedicated queen-sized bed and a dinetteor optional sofa.



Add optional solar Rhino Racks for kayaks, snowboards, bikes, fishing rods, and more. A central vac is included, making it easy to clean up after messy adventures.

More information on this RV can be found here.

Pack It In Pack It Out

As national parks continue to gain popularity the risk of polluting these beautiful landscapes rises as well.

Park staff strive to keep the park clean but, being understaffed, need all the help they can get.

Its good practice to leave room in your RV for extra trash storage. If you take out all your trash and dump it at a designated receptacle outside the park you can help keep the park clean and lower their costs.

This allows them to use money on more important things like wildlife preservation.

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Bucket List National Park Campgrounds For Ember Owners

The Ember Overland and Overland Micro Series were designed for camping off-road and off-grid. But the same features that make our trailers well-suited for dispersed camping on BLM or National Forest Service land also make them perfect for camping without hookups in our magnificent National Park campgrounds. Embers standard and max solar options, large tank sizes, and double 20-pound propane tanks will allow you to dry camp for days without having to plug in or dump your tanks.

With that in mind, we have assembled a great list of amazing NPS campgrounds to help you plan your next adventure. All ten of these campgrounds have sites that are large enough for your Ember, and all ten of these campgrounds are stunning and beautiful. So, what are you waiting for? Its time to start creating your own NPS bucket list. We hope you use the list below to get started!

Acadia National Park: Schoodic Woods Campground

Assateague Island National Seashore: Oceanside Campground

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Deep Creek

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Platte River Campground

Glacier National Park: St. Mary Campground

Badlands National Park: Cedar Pass Campground

Yellowstone National Park: Madison Campground

Grand Teton National Park: Gros Ventre Campground

Olympic National Park: Kalaloch Campground

Denali National Park: Riley Creek Campground

Full List Of Popular National Park Campgrounds And Rv Length Limits

RV Camping Near Garner State Park

Many of the best national parks can accommodate large RVs, but not all of them. The best RV size for national park campsites depends on where youre headed. Learn how to measure your RV length to know where you can go. Then, check out this list of the most popular national parks and their campground size limits for RVs.

There is no shortage of camping locations in the National Park Service there are over 130 park units to choose from! The National Park Service

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Rv Camping And Boondocking Public Lands

Boondocking Learn how to find the best RV camping locations. Tips and ideas you can use to find remote area free camping sites, often referred to as dispersed camping, on public lands.

NPS National Park Service NPS campgrounds are located at the most scenic and historic locations in the USA. Get more information about Americas gems and what to expect when you get to the campground.

USFS United States Forest Service USDA Forest Service campgrounds can get you into some great camping areas. Information about locating all 4300 campgrounds throughout the USA, and ideas of how to find the best campgrounds wherever you are.

USACE Army Corps of Engineers US Army Corps of Engineers administers over 450 lakes throughout the USA. These water-based recreation areas are great destinations for RV camping. Links to official USACE websites.

BLM Bureau of Land Management The Bureau of Land Management has great RV camping locations from mountains to desert. Information about developed BLM campgrounds, dispersed camping, and LTVAs .

State Parks These parks are located in beautiful surroundings and are great recreation destinations. Our state park section gives you easy access to all 50 state parks and campground systems.

Public Lands has information and resources about state and federal public lands campinggeneral public lands information and RV camping etiquette to help everyone enjoy their RV camping trips.

Park Campground Or Authorized Concessioner

National Park developed campgrounds usually fall into two categories those maintained by the National Park Service or by an authorized park concessioner.

An is a business with which the NPS has a contract to provide services in the parks. In some cases, the concessioner is even able to provide services that the NPS just cant offer. Dont worry. The park service still monitors the quality of everything, so you can still count on a good experience.

Take for example, Lake Mead National Recreation Area. As one of the largest recreation areas in the park system, Lake Mead has over ten campgrounds, RV parks, backcountry and dispersed camping options available. Not to mention marinas in two different states! Thats a lot of work for park employees.

To offset the work, a portion of the campgrounds and all the marinas are run by concessioners. This way, park rangers can do what they do best and the concessioners are able to offer activities such as boating, kayaking and jetski rentals.

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Motor Vehicle Camping Is Usually Not Allowed

National parks that permit backcountry camping usually do not allow motor vehicles, RVs, cars, off-road vehicles into these areas. Backcountry areas are meant to be enjoyed just as nature intended it, on foot. You must hike in your camping gear, and hike it out.

But, each national park sets its own policies. You should inquire at a visitor center if and where backcountry camping with permitted with a motor vehicle.

Rv Camping Information You Can Use

Camping Health Benefits, National Park Service Programs & Matt’s RV Reviews | TCRS #29

Articles about RV camping topics, such as where you can camp, winter camping safety, finding dispersed campsites, and more. Our latest article is Yellowstone RV Camping. Information about campground reservations, first come campgrounds, descriptions, photos, and more.

RV Products/Supplies has RV product reviews, shopping links to the best RV supply companies, and recommended products. We suggest some RV accessories you may not have thought about bringing on your RV camping trip. Items such as weather radios can keep you informed of changing weather even when you are sleeping, and power generators

can supply all the power you could need for extended camping trips. You will also find RV Books, videos, and more!

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Are Camping Reservations Accepted At National Parks

The next step? Making sure national parks camping reservations are accepted at the site you wish to visit. While most NPS sites do have at least one campground that accepts reservations, there are a few that only offer camping on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the campground you wish to visit only offers first-come, first-served camping, be sure to arrive a little before checkout time on the day of your arrival. This will increase your chances of finding a site. Having a small rig that can fit into any site is also helpful, as is arriving on a weekday.

Of course, having a backup plan is recommended since many of these NPS campgrounds are very difficult to get into.

Watchman Campground Zion National Park

Zion National Park is known for its beautiful canyon and red rock formations which make it Utah’s most popular national park. Watchman is one of three campgrounds in the park, and it has 176 sites. It’s located near the park’s south entrance, plus it’s close to the main visitor center and to the Zion Canyon Shuttle, which takes guests to scenic parts of the park. You can make reservations for this campground online.

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Best Us National Parks For Rv Camping

Our research is editorially independent but we may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.

Its a cringing experience to watch an RV struggle to chug up a tight curving mountain road or pull up to an entrance only to find out that the roads prohibit the length of the vehicle. Planning ahead is the one true way to avoid road trip disasters like these, while picking a park thats a little more suitable for welcoming your unit can relieve quite a bit of stress. Weve sifted through various national parks to find ones with facilities and roads capable of handling these bigger vessels.


Everglades National Park can sometimes seem like a brutal placethe reptile laden waters and intense summer heat can often make travelers reluctant. While the dangerous nature of some of the lands and animals should be respected, this unusual landscape can be better explored via RV than in a tent. Youll find quite a lot of RV friendly camping sites. However, if really wanting to get into the thick of the wildlife haven, an airboat tour is best.

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Planning Your National Park Camping Trip

Gros Ventre Campground

While most national parks and campgrounds are now open, due to the pandemic, its possible there might still be some restrictions and closures at a few of them. Its always a good idea to check the parks official website at nps.govbefore you make your plans.

If you arent sure what park you want to visit, you can use for inspiration and trip planning. You can search by park, state and region. Theres even an interactive map you can play around with to help figure out exactly where to go. also has a new trip builder feature that allows you to input your starting point, destination and dates, then presto you have a basic itinerary that you can build a national parks trip on.

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Private Rv Parks Discount Camping And Social Rv Clubs

Private RV Parks And Campgrounds has online resources and commercial RV camping club and RV membership association information. One of the best places to help you locate RV parks in every state.

Discount and Bargain RV Camping Clubs offer discounted rates, travelers services, and even RV Insurance. If your RV camping lifestyle includes staying in RV parks frequently, these discount clubs can substantially reduce your nightly camping costs.

RV Camping Clubs are great for any RVer. There are vehicle type and family-oriented groups, as well as lifestyle and geographical location RV clubs. RV clubs offer opportunities to make new friends and meet people that enjoy RV camping.

Big Bend National Park

Located next to the Chisos Mountain Range and Chihuahuan desert is Big Bend National Park. The campgrounds in Big Bend are open year-round and equipped with everything you would need for a large camper.

The Rio Grand Village RV campground has 25 sites for campers up to 40 feet. 20 of these can be reserved, and the other 5 are saved first-come, first-served travelers. Each of these sites comes with full hookups including electric, sewer, and water. There is also a dump station located nearby.

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Blackwoods Campground Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park calls itself the “Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast,” and with miles of picturesque roads and hiking trails, it’s easy to see why. Blackwoods Campground is reservable, with a range of sites for small and large tents and RVs. There’s also an Island Explorer shuttle that can transport campers to other nearby destinations.

Food In A National Park

National Parks For RVers Must Watch B4 You Go!

Some campgrounds have general stores with food and drinks supplies but items are usually pricey so its best to bring along a cooler with what you need. However, they are useful for forgotten items, ice and even firewood.

While we are on the subject of food. lets take a minute to discuss campsite and food etiquette. Simply put: keep your campsite clean! If bears are frequent the area, the campground may have bear boxes available. Use them. Dont leave food, coolers and trash out and NEVER feed the wildlife. Either intentionally or unintentionally.

Its easy for wildlife to get accustomed to food left out or dropped. This can be catastrophic for them. Animals will either have to be moved or worse, euthanized when they get too used to humans. A fed bear is a dead bear. But the same goes for any wildlife.

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Important Features To Look For In Rvs For Frequent National Park Travel

  • Gear storage: If you have a sport or hobby that you enjoy while visiting national parks, make sure your rig has adequate storage for your gear and equipment, especially if you want to carry bulkier items like kayaks and bikes.
  • Off-grid capabilities: Since hookups may be limited in national park campgrounds, a rig with a generator or solar power system is desirable. Also, consider the size of your holding tanks if youre camping without hookups.
  • Hard-sided versus soft-sided:Some national park campgrounds recommend or require hard-sided trailers instead of pop-up or hybrid campers with canvas sides due to wildlife. If you camp in a soft-sided trailer in some parks, you may be required to use a bear locker to store foods and scented hygiene products.

Rv Camping Maps And Navigation

Most RV camping information in our National Forests is available on line. Links to each National Forest are available from our USA RV Camping Map or the US Forest Service Website. You can purchase official travel maps for each National Forest you intend visiting through their websites.

Good detailed maps can help you find USFS campgrounds that appeal to your type of RV camping style. If you travel in the western US, the individual state Benchmark Recreation Atlas are our personal choice. Each state atlas is divided into two sections. A shaded relief road section, and a recreation section with roads and public land boundaries. What we like about the Benchmark maps is that roads shown into public lands are usually suitable for RV camping vehicle travel, and you can feel pretty safe heading up a mapped road that you won’t end up at a dead end. You can get a great feel for the type of RV camping area to look for quickly by using the shaded relief section. You will soon find areas that look interesting and will get you to some of the best RV camping sites.

Another favorite are the state series maps of the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer. These map books are available for every state. They offer a higher degree of detail than the Benchmark maps. Most experienced back country RVers rely on these maps. The high level of detail makes back country navigation much easier. You need to be ready to explore ahead as some back country mapped roads may not be suitable for you or your RV.

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How Long Can You Camp In A National Park

Park campgrounds have limits on how long you can camp there. It varies from park to park. Most developed paid campground allow you to stay 14 days. Some campgrounds that have free or dispersed camping allow you to stay longer before requiring you to move on. It also depends on what kind of park unit it is too. Recreation areas have different campground rules and are a bit more lenient.

General Grant National Memorial Tours

RV Camping Near Beavers Bend State Park

General Grant National Memorial

“Let Us Have Peace.”The final resting place of President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, Julia, is the largest mausoleum in North America. It testifies to a peopleâs gratitude for the man who ended the bloodiest conflict in American history as Commanding General of the Union Army and then, as Pres…

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

There is one campground in Theodore Roosevelt National Park as well as one group campsite and one horse camp. The cottonwood campground has 72 sites ranging from tent to boat-in and RV campsites.

The longest RV sites can house campers up to 65-feet. Unfortunately there are no electric hookups or dump stations in this park.

Whats The Best Rv Size For National Park Campgrounds

There are so many reasons to adore our national parks. They feature some of the most iconic landscapes, incredible hiking trails, astonishing natural wonders, and lots of diverse wildlife. These locations are at the top of most bucket lists.

However, because our national parks have been around for so long, many of them are just not able to accommodate some of the bigger, more contemporary RVs that visit them. While maximum length for trailers and motorhomes vary between parks, the average permitted length is around 27 feet long. This includes driving through and around the park as well as accessing and parking in various parking lots and campgrounds.

This cuts out some of the more rugged parks or those with smaller campgrounds or narrow roads, bridges, or tunnels. Some examples of these are the Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel in Zion National Park, and some of the curvier roads in Smoky Mountains National Park. Some parks such as Congaree National Park in South Carolina dont even allow any RVs in their campgrounds.

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