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Blm Land California Camping Map

Free Camping Inside Anza Borrego Desert State Park

How to Find BLM Camping on Google Maps

Anza Borrego Desert State Park is the only California State Park that allows free, dispersed camping. The Park does have a few fee-based campgrounds, and they also have a lot of wilderness area where camping is not allowed. On the map above, the light blue shade represents State Land, while the darker shade of blue represents State Wilderness Land.

Turn On The Layers You Want

Here is a step by step guide to turning on Map Layers:

  • Go to the map on The Dyrt app or website
  • Tap the Map Layers icon in the corner of the map
  • Select the Map Layers you want to see
  • Free camping is available almost everywhere on Bureau of Land Management land and U.S. Forest Service land.

    Permit camping only is available on National Park Service land. Obtain permits at the website for each National Park.

    Here is a visual of these steps:

    Find areas where you can camp for free. Apply Map Layers in The Dyrt app to see USFS, BLM, and NPS areas. Note that restrictions may apply, and you should always check local restrictions. As always, camp responsibly and leave no trace.

    Explore Your Public Lands In California

    Our map features recreation sites on public lands throughout the state across public land management agencies. Find your next hike or camping destination, decide where to fish, climb, hunt, make the most of the snow, enjoy the water, or plan a roadside picnic along a scenic drive out west.

    Even after Don Cabrillo explored the California coast, in the middle of the 16th century, it took a while for the word to get out that there was a very special land at the western end of the New World. For the next 300 years, the Spanish settlements and missions expanded slowly through southern California, co-existing more or less peacefully with the indigenous peoples.

    Then the Americans blazed a trail overland, and discovering the richness of the mines, the agricultural land, and the forests, eventually annexed the land from Mexico. Since then, California has been synonymous with clement weather, sublime natural beauty, and richly varied ecosystems. From sandy beaches on the Pacific Coast to the glaciers of the Sierra Nevadas, California’s public lands encompass forests of giant redwoods, sequoias, and Joshua trees, vast expanses of exotic desert, fertile valley wetlands, and all sorts of fascinating transition zones.

    Take some time to explore the wonders of California here. You will discover a wealth of detailed information about where to go and what to do while touring the public lands of this state.

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    Tumco Historic Townsite In Winterhaven

    Coordinates:32.8811, -114.8325

    About:Tumco Historic Townsite in Winterhaven is a spacious area in the desert. The dispersed camping is easy to access. Although theres not much to see in the historic town, its a great place to base yourself for sand dunes nearby, and its close to the border of Arizona and Mexico.

    Finding Blm Rv Campgrounds

    California Blm Camping Map

    The BLM Website will get you to information about its developed BLM campgrounds. The website will guide you by state to the various BLM Field Offices, and each Field Office has links to its campgrounds. There are a few BLM campgrounds that allow reservations, and you might try searching for them at

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    Blm Land Has No Resources Available

    First, before we dive into how to find BLM land, we should mention this. Youre on your own with BLM land camping. No Rangers, no power, no bathrooms, and no help for emergencies. Also, generally no cell service either. You need to prepare and research where you are going. It will most likely be a wonderful trip, but its responsible for us to let you know that you should head out there with the items you need and not expect to get them once youre there.

    If you dont know where to start, check out this article to help with some checklist items of the Essential Camping Gear. If you want some affordable ways to get cell phone service when off the grid, check out the Best Off-Grid Cell Phone Signal Boosters...and if your gonna be out adventuring your gonna poop. Check out our write-up on the Best Camping Toilet Option. Stop acting like you wont need it!

    Owens River Road Dispersed Camping In Mammoth Lakes

    Coordinates:37.737, -118.9677

    About:Owens River Road Dispersed Camping provides easy access to Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite National Park. The area is wooded, making it an excellent option in the summer months for some shade. There are a lot of hiking trails that you can get to right from the camping area.

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    Are There Any Available Campsites In The Park Right Now

    Campgrounds are usually full on weekends October through May. From mid-February to mid-May campgrounds usually fill throughout the week. To improve your chances of getting a campsite and avoid disappointment, visit during the off-season , reserve a site, and/or have alternate overnight plans ready.

    Since most park campgrounds are first-come, first-serve availability can change by the minute.

    Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground

    And Now The Drawbacks

    Exploring BLM Areas in Northern California

    Its real outdoor camping. That means zero amenities whatsoever. Restrooms, running water, picnic tables, grills for barbecuing foodyou have to bring all of that swag yourself. Yes, youll be digging holes in the ground to poop . Youll be responsible for your own fire safety and packing out your own trash. Because youre staying in remote territory, roads in & out arent always paved or accessible for low-clearance vehicles. It means that people might not be around in case of emergency, and in the same context, it also often means no cell phone service.

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    Remember There Are Rules And Guidelines To Follow

    The BLM lands are free to access to many people or to all of us in general. However, just because this is a free site to visit, doesnt mean were gonna lose respect for the environment as well. Since it is free, its just a bigger reason why we need to protect it and preserve these lands as much as we can.

    This can be done by following the set guidelines by the sites administrators. And remember not to do anything that can potentially harm these environments.

    Visit Us Search Results

    The wide variety of diverse landscapes across BLM-managed public lands offer visitors unique opportunities and memorable experiences as vast as the land itself. Please come prepared to explore more than 245 million acres of public lands and enjoy countless outdoor adventures Please recreate responsibly and practice good Outdoor Ethics

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    Tips For Dispersed Camping On Blm Land

    If youve never tried dispersed camping, it can feel intimidating to start. RVing on dispersed BLM land requires boondocking, meaning camping without hookups and amenities. Its also important to know that some BLM campsites are difficult to access, and require traversing dirt, rocky, steep, washboard, or deeply rutted roads.

    Boondocking does not require a specific kind of RV or special equipment. But your RV setup may limit where and how long you can camp.

    Once youve chosen your BLM dispersed camping area, here are some things you need to know before you arrive:

    Do your homework. Read reviews of the BLM area in advance. Keep an eye out for reviews from campers with similar RVs or needs to your own. This will clue you into whether your RV can access the camping area, cell phone signal strength, current closures and conditions, and tips for local amenities.

    Scout ahead. This is critical if you have a larger or low clearance RV. Park your RV or trailer nearby, then investigate in your tow vehicle, on bicycle, or by foot. Make sure the road into the campsites are safe for your RV and identify a place to park.

    Arrive early. All dispersed camping is first come, first served, and sites at popular areas are usually claimed during peak seasons. Try to arrive on weekdays or during the off-season to nab the perfect campsite.

    Have a backup plan. For all the reasons above, sometimes BLM camping plans dont work out. Have a backup camping area in mind just in case.

    Blm Camping In California

    California Blm Camping Map

    Photo: Bureau of Land Management

    Though its overshadowed by the granite spires of 14,505-foot Mount Whitney , the Tuttle Creek Campground is one of the best spots for BLM camping in California. Its tucked into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada along the crystalline waters of Tuttle Creek. A strategic staging point for climbers tackling Mount Whitney, the campground is just five miles from the pint-sized town of Lone Pine, which was a hangout for Hollywood elites during the early 1900s who would come to shoot in the cinematic landscape. If that appeals to you, stop by the Museum of Lone Pine Film History, which pays homage to the hamlets silver-screen history.

    The campground is also less than three miles from the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area, a massive conglomeration of rust-colored rocks and arches seen in hundreds of films, including Gladiator and Iron Man.

    If you snag a spot at this BLM California campsite, dont forget to take advantage of the campgrounds unobstructed sunrise and sunset views of Sierra, when rosy alpenglow illuminates the peaks.

    Fees and Amenities: Open year-round, the campground offers potable water , drop toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings. All 83 sites are available first come, first served at $5 per night. .

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    Volcanic Tablelands Blm Land

    Summary Flat, open BLM land directly north of downtown Bishop with a beautiful 360 degree view of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. The perfect time of year for this campsite is spring and fall, when the surrounding mountains are covered in snow, but the valley floor is still warm.

    You can set up camp anywhere along Casa Diablo Rd. We chose a spot roughly 2 miles in once the road plateaus to get the most of our visual surroundings.

    Pros Spectacular view, guaranteed availability & privacy, proximity to the Happy/Sad Boulders, a 40 min. drive to the Long Valley Hot Springs area, cell phone reception

    Cons Zero amenities, very exposed to the elements

    Recommendation The dirt surface of Casa Diablo Rd. is level and can be navigated by any vehicle . However the dust on the road gets deep in some areas. Keep your wheels turning, close your air vents and dont follow cars too closely.

    Most importantly, dont set your campsite up directly downwind from the road, or where dirt is especially deep on the road. Any car passing by is going to kick up a lot of dust. We saw one campsite get absolutely punished.

    Directions From Bishop, take State Highway 6 north to Five Bridges Road, then take a left. Travel on Five Bridges Road 5 miles until it turns into a wide, well-traveled dirt road. Follow the dirt road up a hill to the BLM area. Youll see a sign pointing you to Casa Diablo Rd. , which is the best place to camp.


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    Your Guide To Blm Camping And Recreation

    BLM Camping and Recreation Opportunities Across the US

    Fantastic camping opportunities are found on Bureau of Land Management undeveloped public lands, a highlight for any recreation enthusiast who wants open space and solitude to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. Besides developed campgrounds, national conservation areas, and open-air recreation, the BLM provides dispersed camping for those who want to get away from it all.

    BLM lands offer a variety of recreational vehicle and camping types for those looking for adventure. From fully-developed RV parks and campgrounds to true boondocking and dry camping experiences, theres something for every kind of explorer across the United States.

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    Is Blm Camping In California Worth It

    BLM camping in California in California is worth it. There is so much to see in the large, west coast state. And waking up in the morning to mountains or deserts is a great way to start the day.

    If you have an opportunity to do BLM camping in California, let us know about your experience. There are many more spots to camp for free in the state than weve listed here, but this is an excellent start to your BLM camping adventures.

    Will you go BLM camping in California?

    Always Be Responsible For The Stuff You Bring

    Ogilby Road BLM California – *Update* New Camping Restrictions

    The majority of BLM sites lack garbage service, as well as other services. As a result, anything you bring in comes out as well. Hence more trash that stays on-site, the fewer opportunities we will have to use BLM properties in particular. We will lose rights to the property if we do not take care of it.

    As weve said, the BLM Lands are used without compromising the nature and environment itself so if we do the opposite of that, we wont be able to appreciate these locations anymore.

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    Is It Free To Camp On Blm Land

    The straightforward answer is that you can camp on BLM land for free. Still, camping is not permitted on all lands, because there are still laws to observe. Camping at authorized BLM campgrounds may cost money in select very specific circumstances.

    For a variety of reasons, camping on BLM is one of the peoples personal favorite sorts of camping. For starters, the campgrounds are rarely crowded. This has the opportunity to spread out and truly connect with nature and appreciate it more right before your eyes.

    Other than that, the pricing is reasonable. Its pretty incredible to pay nothing for a private camping spot.

    Although camping on the BLM charges no cost, for the most part, there are still some exclusions. A part of BLM land, for instance, is situated just outside of Arches National Park. To manage campers coming to visit, the park service has built numerous campsites on some of this acreage.

    The developed campsites feature only the most basic amenities, such as garbage cans and restrooms. There is a small camping fee associated with these amenities.

    Paid camping on the BLM is available at Big Bend Campground in Moab. Keep in mind that this is the exception rather than the guideline.

    Sawtooth Canyon Campground In Lucerne Valley

    Coordinates:34.6703, -116.984

    About:Sawtooth Canyon Campground is in central California. Lucerne Valley is a hot spot for rock climbers. The road getting to the campsites is well maintained but can be a little slow going.

    Its a free BLM camping area, and a ranger patrols regularly. Off-road vehicles arent allowed in the area.

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    What Are The Best States To Visit For Blm Camping

    We know a lot when it comes to BLM land, both camping and exploring. Even though Alaska does have the most to offer for everyone, we dont think its not just the best one. It is kind of difficult to access for some people which is why it is not the best one to recommend by many people.

    Here are some other three great BLM areas you may explore. Well show you around some of peoples loved BLM campgrounds.

    How To Find A Good Spot

    Your Guide To Blm Camping And Recreation

    Finding your own secret osasis away from everything is the best part. As long as you’re okay with a little adventure and some unknowns, you’ll feel right at home even when your miles from it. Plus, with a little foresight and these tips you’ll feel way more comfortable setting out to find one.

    Start with a good map. Locate the green areas on Google Maps and you’re halfway there. Green means ‘public,’ as in National Park, Forest, Monument, etc. These areas tend to offer camping, and the National Forests and BLM lands are the ones with the most dispersed camping to be uncovered.

    Paper maps never runout of batteries, and they tend to be waterproof, two things most smartphones can’t compete with. Grab some up-to-date maps before your trip or borrow ours. These can often be found at visitor’s centers or ranger stations, so consider adding a stop there prior to setting out into the woods.

    Nothing beats a good satellite image. So flick Google Maps over to ‘Satellite’ and start exploring . Here you can follow roads into the backcountry just as you would on the ground. Keep your eyes peeled for pullouts and dead-ends, as these are often the best spots.

    Ask a local or a ranger. Above all else, local knowledge is a great resource no matter where you’re traveling. Though many spots can be highly coveted secrets, it doesn’t hurt to get first-hand info on current road conditions, things to look out for, and maybe even a whispers of a few hidden gems .

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    What Are The Advantages

    No crowds, no costs, no formal campgrounds, no reservations. Since they are located outside populated city limits, dispersed camping areas are almost always exponentially more beautiful, remote and exciting to stay atyoure actually having the authentic outdoor experience that you came for . Talk to any experienced outdoorsman, and theyll tell you that dispersed camping is the only option they look for on an adventure.

    Wild And Scenic Rogue River Oregon

    Whitewater rafters flock to the Rogue River to navigate the challenging emerald waters against a backdrop of rugged banks and densely forested mountains. The waters arent the only thing that will test your know-how. The area is also home to black bears, rattlesnakes, and poison oak, in addition to the more friendly deer and otters. Hike part of the Rogue River Trail that follows the Wild section of the river before rolling out your sleeping bag at one of the river campsites.,

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