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Pa State Game Lands Camping

Shelter Camping On The Appalachian Trail Pa

Pennsylvania State Game Lands – Hidden Habitats

Like all Appalachian Trail camping shelters, you cant pitch a tent inside a shelter and you must share it with hikers who arrive after you if there is reasonable room. Most shelters can accommodate around eight people, give or take a few. Many hikers enjoy staying in shelters because it gives them an opportunity to meet other people on the trail, share stories and give advice.

When staying at a shelter, practice common courtesy like making phone calls and smoking outside and away from the shelter, disposing of liquids 100 feet away from the shelter and collecting all litter. The Appalachian Trail and the lands it passes through are carry in, carry out. Also, try to avoid eating in a shelter, as crumbs attract rodents.

The PA portion of the Appalachian Trail has about 20 designated shelters. Following is a list with mile markers, though hikers should always consult a reliable map before heading out for a specific shelter. Most of them also come up in a Google map search if wifi is available.

  • Kirkridge Shelter, Bangor, PANOBO Mile Marker: 1286.6. SOBO Mile Marker: 902.5. Next Shelter North: 31.2 miles. Next Shelter South: 13.7 miles. Water and toilets are available. The capacity of the shelter is six people.
  • Leroy A. Smith ShelterNOBO Mile Marker: 1272.9. SOBO Mile Marker: 916.2 Next Shelter North: 13.7 miles. Next Shelter South: 16.7 miles. Both a water source and a privy are available. The capacity of the Leroy A. Smith shelter is eight people.

Check Out The Best Camping In Pa: State Game Lands Cabins Available Now

If you’re on the look out for campgrounds in PA, then you need look no further. Camping trips to Pennsylvania can be located near to the PA State Game Lands, where visitors can enjoy the natural reserve and also enjoy lawful hunting and trapping. Pennsylvania camping has a great reputation due to the wooded scenery and the abundance of activities to do. So check out these PA campgrounds and take your pick!

Last minute booking. The accommodations indicated with the icononly allow same-day reservations within strict time limits. Please bear this in mind to guarantee your reservation.

There are no more accommodations that exactly fit your criteria. You can try broadening your search by changing some of the filters or move and zoom-out into the map to show more results.

Bald Eagle State Forest

Named after the famous Native American chief, Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle State Forest covers 193,424 acres of high, sharp ridges and tracts of old-growth forest with miles of refreshing mountain streams. Due to its location within the ridge and valley section of Pennsylvania, Bald Eagle State Forest has breath-taking sights you cant find anywhere else in the state.

From the Allegheny Mountains in the northwest to the limestone-rich Susquehanna Valley in the southeast, the Bald Eagle forest district spotlights a series of striking sandstone ridges. Some of Bald Eagle State Forests peaks reach heights of up to 2,300 feet above sea level.

Each year, visitors flock to Bald Eagle State Forest for its numerous trails and natural areas. From the Mid State Trail to the old-growth forests, vistas and countless other multiple areas, Bald Eagle State Forest has something to offer every nature enthusiast. The Poe Paddy area is a particularly popular spot among visitors because of its scenic canyons and rugged ridges.

And with 45 designated motorized camping sites, there is no shortage of space for overnight guests. These motorized campsites each come with off-road parking, a fire ring and a picnic table. Despite the many campsites available, it is still recommended that campers call ahead to reserve a spot and request a permit for no charge.

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Wild Hog Hunting In Pennsylvania

Camping on Pennsylvania State Game Lands is generally prohibited, with one exception: Hikers may camp within 200 feet of the Appalachian Trail where it passes through game lands. These regulations deny camping on most the state’s 1.4 million acres of game lands, but Pennsylvania’s section of the Appalachian Trail runs for about 230 miles, and 140 of them are on state game lands.

Caledonia State Parknear Fayetteville Pa

Best Trails in State Game Lands Number 80

Caledonia State Park is located on South Mountain at the northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Camping is only allowed at designated sites in the park, and fires must be in fire rings. If you venture within 50 feet of the park office, youll be able to access the parks wifi.

The greatest feature of this park is that there is access to the AT! The Dyrt camper Amanda H.

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Land Once Earmarked For Development To Be Added To State Game Lands In Furnace Hills

  • AD CRABLE for LNP | LancasterOnline
  • May 2, 2022

A power line provides open views and habitat on 158 acres of mostly woodland to be preserved in the Furnace Hills of Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

  • Ad Crable

The 158-acre property in Lancaster and Lebanon counties outlined in gold will be added to State Game Land 145.

  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Copy article link

Natural Lands, the nonprofit group that saved 392 acres of Camp Mack woods in the Furnace Hills of northern Lancaster County in 2019, has stepped forward again, this time purchasing 158 acres of nearby woods in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Like the J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation property, the new land purchased from Lancaster developer Murry Development Co. for $1,345,000 will be donated to the Pennsylvania Game Commission for game lands in the Furnace Hills. It will become part of State Game Lands 145 and should be open for public uses such as hunting, hiking, bird-watching, possibly mountain biking and exploring sometime this year.

In addition to enlarging the state game lands system that has preserved much woodland and open space in the Furnace Hills, the new acquisition also is part of a federal effort to protect 3.4 million acres in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Jersey under the Highlands Conservation Act, a project that began in 2004.

A small housing development had been built in recent years adjacent to the property off Pinch Road.

Ad Crable is an LNP | LancasterOnline outdoors writer.

Camping On State Game Lands Pa

Are there places I can pitch a tent between Peters Mountain shelter and Rausch Gap shelter. I know most of this is state game lands that does not allow camping but I heard it was allowed for hikers on the AT. I am leaving Sunday afternoon to hike from Trindle Road to Swatara Gap. I don’t want to have to kill time for half a day at Peters Mountain and then hustle to Rausch Gap. There are things on that section I want to take time to look at. Thanks

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Public Lands Month Pack Out

September is Public Lands Month and in celebration, BHA members across North America will be participating in our Public Land Pack Out, a chapter-to-chapter competition aimed at ridding our shared lands and waters of more than 1,000 bags of garbage.

Pennsylvania Chapter members and friends will meet September 20 in State Game Lands 168 to conduct a roadside cleanup. We will meet along Camp Wind Gap Road at 3 p.m. See the Google Maps link below for directions.

Please bring a mask, boots, gloves, trashbags, a backpack, hunters orange and your favorite BHA hat.

Please RSVP below so we know how many folks to expect.

We will be taking special precautions at this event to follow coronavirus regulations and guidelines, including:

  • Anyone that is not feeling well or is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as fever, shortness or breach or coughing/sneezing, or has been in contact with someone that has recently tested positive should not attend.
  • All participants must bring a face mask. Face masks must be worn whenever a distance of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained.
  • Attendees must follow both handwashing and coughing/sneezing etiquette.

WIN a $300 First Lite Gift Card!

Grab some garbage bags and help us leave your public lands a little better than you found them, then post your results for a chance to win.

Heres how you can participate:

Backcountry Appalachian Trail Pa Camping

Pennsylvania State Game Lands

There are about 100 designated backcountry PA Appalachian Trail camping sites along the Appalachian Trail. Backcountry camping is also permitted near the 250-plus shelters on the trail, though take note: Hikers are not allowed to pitch tents inside a shelter.

The designated campsites are very simple, consisting only of a flat place to pitch your tent with a natural water source nearby. Unlike shelter sites, they rarely have anything fancy like a privy.

Some areas permit dispersed camping, which means hikers can pick their site as long as they adhere to certain rules and restrictions. As stated above, these rules can change from area to area.

Hikers are encouraged to stay at designated sites, mainly because it lessens the impact on wildlife and vegetation along the trail. When choosing a place to spend the night, make sure that no broken branches or precarious looking trees are within falling distance of your tent.

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Pennsylvania State Game Lands

The Pennsylvania State Game Lands are lands managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for hunting, trapping, and fishing. These lands, often not usable for farming or development, are donated to the PGC or purchased by the PGC with hunting license monies.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission runs a monthly publication called the Pennsylvania Game News. This publication features financial and legislative updates from the PGC, stories, and monthly Field Notes submitted by the Wildlife Conservation Officers of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Areapennsylvania/new Jersey Border

Image from The Dyrt camper John B.

Camping rules in the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area for all visitors specify that theres no camping within a half-mile of roadway, 100 feet of water or 200 feet from another party. Also, make sure you do not set up camp between a half-mile south of Blue Mountain Lake Road and 1 mile north of Crater Lake.

Thru-hikers looking for PA Appalachian Trail camping may only camp a minimum of 50 feet and a maximum of 100 feet from the trail. They must be a half-mile from any road, and group sizes must be less than 10 people. There is a camping fee payable at Mohican Outdoor Center on the Jersey side. No campfires of any kind are permitted in the area only camp stoves.

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Can You Hunt Deer From A Boat In Pa

Hunting From a Vehicle in PA

Pennsylvania law prohibits hunting from any vehicle or conveyance of any kind propelled by anything other than manpower. This does not include a motorboat or a sailboat if the motor is completely shut off, the sail is furled, or the progress of the boat has been completely seized.

How And Where Can You Camp For Free In Pa

Best Trails in State Game Lands Number 80

There are plenty of places you can camp for free in PA you will be spoilt for choice, all of which will give you that true off the grid experience. Most of the vast areas of national and state forests are sitting waiting for boondocking adventurers. Although they dont have amenities, they will allow you to camp for free, with some stunning scenery thrown in as a bonus. In addition to the forests, wilderness areas and other state recreation spots are also good options for free camping.

There are too many stunning locations to list. Still, some of the most popular camping spots include Sproul State Forest, Pinchot State Forest, and Hickory Creek Wilderness in the north of the state, and Rothrock State Forest, Tuscarora State Forest, and Michaux State Forest in the south.

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Can I Camp On Pa State Game Lands

Generally, camping is not permitted on state game lands. However, there is one exception to this rule. You can camp within 200 feet of the popular Appalachian Trail if you are a hiker. 140 miles of the trail runs through state game lands, so although camping is prohibited in most of the 1.4 million acres of game lands, there is still a large area where you can set up camp for the night.

There are several shelters on game lands along the Appalachian trail and these can be used for camping by thru-hikers. These shelters are usually near the trail and are very well marked and they can accommodate five to eight people. There are also campsites near these shelters to handle overfolow as shelters tend to get overcrowded quickly.

The game commission does limit camping for hikers to one night per location on the game lands along the Appalachian trail and these campers have to be at least 500 feet away from any springs.

Since Pennsylvania game lands are used for hunting, the game commission does require specific types of clothing for hikers and anyone on game lands for everyones safety. From November 15 to Dec. 15, anyone on state game lands must wear 250 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange-colored material on the head, chest, and back combined or, in lieu thereof, a hat of the same colored material. The material shall be worn so it is visible in a 360° arc.

Can You Tent Camp On Pa State Gamelands

Hiking in and putting up a tent where you choose, is not permitted in Pennsylvania state parks. All camping must be in a designated camping area and on designated sites. Some parks have backpacking trailside shelters or sites, which can be in very remote areas, but visitors still must camp in designated areas.

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Camping On Pa State Game Lands And State Forests: All You Need To Know

Although both in the beautiful PA wilderness, state game lands and state forests have very different requirements when it comes to camping. You are almost free to camp wherever you want in a state forest for no charge. You will need a free permit or registration in some cases, but you are allowed to wild camp here with no issues and no fee.

But you cant camp on PA State game lands. The land is used for legal hunting and trapping, so its not the ideal place to camp. There are a few exceptions to this rule though, but you will generally want to find a state forest to camp in rather than on state game lands.

Wild Camping can be a great experience away from other campers

Natural Lands Preserves Nearly 400 Acres Of Lancaster Boy Scout Camp

Exploring a Pennsylvania State Game Lands Seasonal Access Road

MEDIA, Pa.,October 4, 2021 Natural Lands announced today the permanent preservation of 392 acres of vulnerable open space in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County. Natural Lands purchased the property, part of the J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation, from the Boy Scouts of Americas Pennsylvania Dutch Council and transferred ownership to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The open space protected as a result is an important connection between state-owned lands in that region, creating a nearly 12,000-acre area of contiguous forest. Connected woodlands provide essential habitat for wildlife including several species of migratory songbirds that are in decline.

The pandemic really brought into sharp focus the importance of protected open space as people have flocked to the outdoors for exercise, relaxation, and comfort, said Oliver Bass, president of Natural Lands. Its not every day we get to be a part of the permanent conservation of nearly 400 acres of high-quality forest. We are honored to be a part of Camp Macks future as protected open space. Former campers will be able bring their children and grandchildren back to the same place where they fell in love with nature.

Map created by Natural Lands

The property includes approximately one mile of the Horse-Shoe Trail, which stretches 140 miles from Valley Forge National Historical Park to the Appalachian Trail northeast of Harrisburg.

Media Inquiries:Mae Axelrod, Media Relations Manager610-353-5587 ext. 400

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Difference Between State Game Lands And State Forests

The main difference between state forests and state game land is that state forests tend to be used for recreation and state game lands provide space for hunting particular game species.

You will find state forests all over PA, and the beautiful lands are used for all sorts of activities such as ATV riding, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, fishing and hunting and snow sports in the winter. The DCNR administers them, and you should expect to see them filled with plenty of others who are out and about, ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission administers game lands, and these dedicated spaces are for the use of hunting specified species. The lands are properly managed to support wildlife, providing plenty of lawful hunting and trapping opportunities.

Where To Camp For Free In Central Pennsylvania

Whats the perfect activity for having fun while complying with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention social distancing guidelines? Camping, of course! As an outdoor activity, camping is a great way to get away from crowded spaces and enjoy nature with your family.

Regardless of social distancing, camping is always a fun weekend activity full of fresh air, connecting with nature and kicking back with some friends and smores. And as a bonus, camping can be free if you know the right places to go. This guide to free camping in Central Pennsylvania will give you the top 10 spots to camp without paying an expensive campsite reservation fee.

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Is It Legal To Camp Anywhere In Pa

Hiking in and putting up a tent where you choose, is not permitted in Pennsylvania state parks. All camping must be in a designated camping area and on designated sites. Many Pennsylvania state park campgrounds have walk-in sites which are for tents only and are more private than campsites with a paved camping pad.

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