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Best Baby Sleeping Bag Camping

How Do I Keep A Sleeping Bag Clean

Baby Camping Gear – Morrison Baby Camping Sleeping Bag Review ( discount!)

Little spillages can be sponged off, but its likely that your baby sleeping bag will need machine washing regularly. Follow the manufacturers instructions about washing temperatures and tumble drying.

Of course, it goes without saying that the washed sleeping bag should be completely dry and cool before its used again for bedtime damp fabrics can make a baby cold, and metal poppers and zips can burn straight from the tumble dryer.

The Best Baby Sleeping Bags For 2021 Are:

  • Best overall Mori clever sleeping bag: £69.50,
  • Best 1.0 tog baby sleeping bag Mamas & Papas welcome to the world dreampod: £29,
  • Best blow the budget buy Bambino merino all seasons sleeping bag: £82,
  • Best ethical baby sleeping bag Kit & Kin grey sleeping bag: £44.99,
  • Best baby sleeping bag with sleeves Purflo baby sleep bag in garden zoo: From £39,
  • Best 3-in-1 sleeping bag JoJo Maman Bébé 3-in-1 woodland print sleeping bag: £45,
  • Best for matching The Little Green Sheep organic baby sleeping bag: From £39.95,
  • Best for nighttime nappy changes SnüzPouch sleeping bag: £29.95,
  • Best budget 2.5 tog sleeping bag Sweet Dreamers sheeping bag: From £21,
  • Best print Cam Cam muslin sleeping bag: £46.95,
  • Best multi-buy Ickle Bubba rainbow dreams sleep bag: £29.99,
  • Best budget 1.0 tog sleeping bag Tommee Tippee the original grobag pip the panda sleepbag: From £17.99,

Sleeping Bags For Babies And Sleeping Bags For Toddlers

YES, please do take your baby camping. Find our best tips on getting them to sleep while camping here and some other outdoor baby gear we highly recommend here.

While you can certainly put a baby in a larger sleeping bag with you, it always makes me a bit nervous. Instead, we recommend these infant and toddler sleeping bags from Morrison Outdoors . Note sizing correctly is very important for safety

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Benefits Of Baby Sleeping Bag For Camping

According to our research, these are the benefits of using a safe baby sleeping bag during camping.

  • Prevents the baby from wriggling as it wakes them up.
  • Easy to feed them at night without unzipping the bag. It helps the baby to sleep quickly in colder months
  • Baby sleeping bags keep the baby warm and at a constant temperature the whole night.
  • Air circulation is provided which helps the baby to breath easily thereby reducing the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome .
  • Reduces the risk of the cloth covering the babys face.
  • Provides the freedom to move the babys hands.
  • It remains in the baby as a safety belt
  • Baby sleeping bags are travel friendly
  • Limited space is present. So that it prevents the baby from being stuck between the crib bars.
  • Baby sleeping bags are available in different sizes and weights
  • No additional covers are required.
  • Promotes a peaceful sleep.
  • Makes diaper changing work easy.

Baby sleeping bags provide a safe and secure sleep to your baby than the blankets.

Q: Can Babies Sleep In Sleeping Bags While Camping

Deuter Little Star Expandable Toddler Sleeping Bag

A: Adult-sized sleeping bags are simply too big for babies and as babies tend to move around quite a bit while they sleep, the little one can get lost inside the bag which can also restrict their breathing. It’s best to invest in a baby sleeping bag and perhaps bring a portable cot as well. In most cases, a baby sleeping bag simply won’t be warm enough for them so always bring extra blankets and make sure you’re camping in warm weather.

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Using The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel For Camping With An Infant

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel is available in three sizes, the small size being for babies 0-6 months old. Given that, we first had fellow parents with a 3-month-old take it on their camping trip.

We werent surprised when they came back with any of the same positives for using this infant sleeping bag as our other friends who used it with a toddler. Heres what they especially loved about this baby sleeping bag for camping:

How Backcountry Quilts Work

With the quilts, you are sleeping directly on your pad. This allows more warmth with less fabric/material. Remember that when youre in a sleeping bag, the material under you is compressed and really does almost nothing for warmth .

Kids that are really sensitive to how things feel may not love sleeping directly on their pads, but our kids are usually just in long underwear anyway so they dont even notice.

Enlightened Equipment quilts are made to order , which means they take a little longer to get to you, BUT you can also decide how warm you want your quilt to be! Since we live in the mountains and nights are almost always cold, we opted for the colder settings.

In general, down will be warmer and lighter, but synthetic works for most people and costs less. For kid-sized quilts, choose the short size.

The quilts come with straps so you can attach them directly to your pad to avoid rolling off and losing your warmth. They can also be cinched at the toe box and around the head.

Pros of Backcountry quilts:

  • They are very small and light for backpacking in particular
  • They allow more movement than, for example, a mummy bag
  • Some, like the ones from Enlightened Equipment, have built-in straps that keep kids on their sleeping pads < this is HUGE!
  • They can be used for more than just sleeping

Cons of backcountry quilts:

Also definitely check out the review by The Kid Project. They have a great video that shows how these quilts work and how they keep kids on their sleeping pads.

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How Much Do Baby Sleeping Bags Cost

The very cheapest start between £10 and £15. A sleeping bag from a well-known brand will set you back between £20 and £30. Premium brand products can be anywhere from £50 to £90.

Usually the thicker the tog rating, the more expensive the sleeping bag and unusually luxe materials, like the merino lining of the Superlove Merino, will increase the price further still.

How Long Is It Recommended To Camp With The Baby

Thermarest Questar 0C/32F mummy ultralight backpacking sleeping bag, features overview + review

There are no fixed rules as to how long you can camp with your baby. Still, its not advisable to plan long trips initially. You must go ahead with short camping trips to slowly introduce your newborn to traveling and the wild. Once they get accustomed to the outdoor environment, you can plan moderate to long trips over the next few months.

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Merino Kids Go Go Bag 79

Best for travel

Fabric: 100% natural fibres | Sizing: 0-2 and 2-4 yrs | Tog rating: 0.5 – 1.8, for use between 18°C and 30°C | Awards: Silver Swaddle & sleeping bag, MadeForMums Awards 2022

Merino Kids bags are similar to Bambino Merino in that they come in adjustable sizes and benefit from the temperature regulating properties of merino wool. This sleeping bag is said to adjust between 0.5 tog and 1.8 tog, so it’s even suitable for very warm weather. It may feel like you’re dressing your child in quite a heavy garment but they’ll stay nice and cool if you’ve followed the care instructions .

MFM home tester Aimee said, “My son has never slept better than when he is in this sleeping bag! I absolutely love it and so does he. As the sleeping bags lining is made from wool it has a lovely feel to it. We have been very impressed with this product.”

An added bonus of the Merino Kids design is that it’s been created with travel in mind. It would be great for holidays as it’s suitable for use in temperatures up to 30°C. The Go Go bag also has a pocked halfway down the legs, allowing you to thread through the harness of a car seat or pushchair. That makes it great for naps on the go, or if you’re out late and need to transfer a sleeping toddler from the car or pushchair to their cot.

Pros: Temperature regulating fabric, generous size, great for travel and trips abroadCons: Have to buy 2 if you want to use beyond 2 years, not suitable in rooms below 18°C

Easy Camp Cosmos Junior Sleeping Bag


a high-spec mummy sleeping bag

The Cosmos Junior synthetic Sleeping Bag from Easy Camp is perfect for family camping holidays and will keep your children warm and comfortable.

With a fitted mummy shape and cosy hood, theyre sure to get a great nights sleep.

The features include anti-snag zip guard, external hanger loops, ridge hood with elastics, zip cover and stuff sack.

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What Is The Warmest Kids Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Kids sleeping bag is 45° and is the best overall sleeping bag you can buy for warmth. Designed for kids up to 5 feet 5 inches tall, these mild-weather sleeping bags can keep your kiddo warm in temps as low as 45F. Say goodbye to those cold temperatures during the chillier nights of your camping holiday.

Snack & Food Necessities

Sleeping Bag, WADEO Ultra Warm Cold Weather 23F Mummy Sleeping Bag ...

While exclusively pumping moms will need to pack a manual breast pump, weaned babies require some extra preparation too.

Routines are a fail-safe way to keep your baby happy while camping. Snacks are a good thing to keep on hand including a spill-proof snack container and sippy cups . We offer plenty of practical tips for managing baby food while traveling which work equally well for camping!

Here are the best sippy cups for camping.

Other travel baby food items to consider are a travel baby bottle warmer and a baby food warmer. A portable drying rack should be on your list of camping with baby must-haves, as it will make clean up of bottles much easier!

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How To Sleep With A Baby While Camping

There are a couple of options well cover, each with their own pros and cons.

If youre sleeping with a young baby, its always important to make sure that you avoid using too many blankets and have a solid, flat sleeping surface.

I have always there are plenty of other options that may make you feel more comfortable!

Bloomsbury Mill Safari Adventure Super Soft Toddler Nap Mat


napping on the go

This gorgeous all-in-one number is ideal for children aged 18 months to five years, and will fulfil a number of purposes.

Comprised of a padded mat, pillow, and fold-over blanket made from butter-soft cotton, this nap-mat works as a portable roll-out bed. You can use it at nap time, for sleepovers, or if youre taking a small one on a camping trip .

Machine washable, easy-to-carry and complete with name badge, its absolutely adorable and so handy for travel. We love it for ensuring your wee one can take a comfy nap regardless of where you are.

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Q: How Often Should You Replace Your Kids’ Sleeping Bags

A: There are a number of factors to consider when deciding how often you should replace your kids’ sleeping bags. The most obvious one is when your kid outgrows their current one. Other than that, if the bag starts to look a little worn out or the seams are coming undone, it may be time for a new one.

Features To Look For In Kids’ Sleeping Bags

Baby 8 in 1 carry nest sleeping bag | baby sleeping bags

All sleeping bags have a single purpose and that is to keep the sleeper comfy and warm. However, not all sleeping bags are the same and there are some factors that separate average sleeping bags from really good ones. Here are the main considerations.

Shape – There are essentially two shapes for sleeping bags and they are the traditional rectangular and the mummy bags. Rectangular bags are most often associated with warm weather camping while the mummy bag is designed for optimal heat retention when the weather gets cold.

Materials – The insulation in kids’ sleeping bags is generally not as high-tech as youll find in serious mountaineering bags and it normally doesnt have to be unless your kid is joining you on big technical missions. Typically, synthetic insulation is used as it doesnt absorb water and is quilted to prevent it from bunching up over time. The outside of most kids’ sleeping bags is usually made of taffeta or some other durable synthetic material that can stand the rigors of the campsite over a period of years.

Size – You dont want to get a kids’ sleeping bag thats so big your 5-year-old will get lost in it. At the same time, youll want one that offers at least a little bit of room to grow. A bag thats too big will not only add extra weight that you’ll end up carrying yourself but it may also do a less efficient job of retaining heat.

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Down Sleeping Bags For Kids

Many companies have done away with down sleeping bags for kids over the past couple of years. In fact, besides the quilts mentioned above, the only ones I can find are from Feathered Friends. They are definitely more expensive than synthetic bags, but you are buying a much lighter weight bag that will pack small.

What Makes Them Safe

They meet all AAP-recommended Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep. Babies should sleep in the wilderness just the same as they do at home on a separate surface like a portable crib or bassinet, with no loose bedding, no pillows, no blankets, no hood, no drawstrings.

The Morrison Outdoors sleeping bags fit every single one of these requirements, plus some thoughtful bonus features. The “sleeping bags” are similar to traditional sleep sacks but with sleeves and built-in mittens! The most inventive part is the soft, snug, collar designed to keep baby from slipping inside.

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Morrison Little Mo 20f Sleeping Bag

Best For: Camping or backpacking, even in cold weather

Where to buy: Available here

I love this company: It was started and is still run by outdoorsy parents. When they couldnt find a suitable baby sleeping bag for backpacking, they decided to design their own. They started on Kickstarter and have since grown into a company with a huge following.

Their Little Mo 20F is their lighterweight, warmer baby sleeping bag. Its made out of high-quality down. It weighs just 9oz so is suitable for backpacking with your baby. Its also very compact once in the stuff sack, its about the size of a water bottle.

Currently, the Little Mo 20F is the only baby sleeping bag suitable for cold weather. It even has an insulated draft tube so no cold air can get in through the zipper. Theres a footbox and the hands area is closed so your babys hands stay warm too.

The only real downsides of this sleeping bag is that it might be a little too serious for some parents. Its best used for backcountry camping. Theres no hole for stroller straps, so you cant use it as a stroller sleeping bag.

If you want to learn more, read my full review of the Little Mo sleeping bag here.

The Morrison baby sleeping bag is adjustable to fit babies from 6 to 24 months. Buy it here


  • Bottom-opening zipper for easy diaper changes


  • Not stroller or car seat compatible

Best Kids Sleeping Bags Reviews

The 8 Best Kids

Below weve put together our kids sleeping bag reviews of the top 12 sleeping bags for kids. These kids sleeping bag reviews are designed to help you find the best sleeping bag for your kids and your family camping situation. Below youll find the best kid sleeping bags for just about every budget and age of kids.

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Where To Buy Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel Sleeping Bag

For anyone in the United states, the two best places to buy the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel are on Amazon or directly on Baby Deedees website.

HERE to buy direct from baby deedee AND use BCT2022 for 10% off!

For our Canadian friends, your best best for getting your hands on one of these baby sleeping bags for camping is to do directly to the Baby Deedee website.

Jbk Koalee Native Napper $11999 Big W

The Native Napper combines sleeping bag, sherpa blanket, pillow and a toy into one super snuggly sleepy scenario. There are four cute native Australian animals to choose from, Koalee, Joey, Poss and Puggle the platypus, all of which are bound to be a hit with your little one, when ‘camping’out in the lounge room or indoor cubby.

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How To Keep Babies And Toddlers Warm While Camping

Keeping babies warm while camping goes beyond the nighttime sleeping bag. A lot of what you need to keep your baby or toddler warm while camping depends on the clothing that they wear. When were baby camping in the cold, we always have our kids wear high quality merino wool base layers. Iksplor Merino Wool is our favorite brand, since theyre specifically designed for kids .

On top of that, we layer our kids and babies with other clothing to keep them warm. At night, we have our toddler wear merino wool base layers, these wool socks, and then if its going to be SUPER COLD, we also have them wear fleece pajamas. When camping with babies and toddlers, I recommend always having them sleep with a warm hat on for an extra layer of warmth, unless youre camping somewhere thats extra hot.

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