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Truck Bed Inserts For Camping

Truck Bed Camping Tents

Our Truck Bed Camping Setup – DIY and Stealth

If you prefer a little more space for sleeping and an easier truck bed camping setup, you may want to choose a truck bed camping tent. These lightweight tents attach to your truck bed and provide the feel of tent-camping.

Truck bed camping tents are cost-effective, but theyre also less weather-resistant than canopies. You also have to set up and take down the tents whenever you need to drive. Plus, you need to make sure you choose a truck bed tent that fits your bed size.

Camper Shell Ideas: Double Twin Beds

Isnt this cool?! It seems that this camper shell idea is built in a high-rise camper shell so that you have more headroom when you are seated in bed.

Two relatively simple boxes have been built over the wheel wells on either side of the truck bed. They left a small aisle in the middle that can either be used for storage or swinging your legs out of bed in the morning.

Each bed looks like it has an interior drawer that can be accessed above the tailgate.

You will most likely need to find or fabricate custom-sized mattresses for these beds . Of course, you will also need to supply your own fruit basket!

Sleeping Platform Method #: Pvc Truck Bed Sleeping Platform

  • Cost: Under $150

  • Weight: Under 100 lbs

This is the second cheapest option for building a truck bed sleeping platform, depending on how you build it.

You simply go to your local hardware store and pull the 2 PVC pipe and fittings you need, cut, and assemble. Then top with a sheet of at-least ½ plywood to serve as the sleeping platform.

Though a PVC sleeping platform like the one above does require the use of storage bins to store and organize your gear, this does allow you to store your gear under the platform in a slightly more organized fashion while truck shell camping.

This is a great option when weight is a concern, because, unlike wooden truck bed sleeping platforms, PVC is very light. Its also very easy to deconstruct and remove when not needed.

Despite our strong desire to play an adult version of Knex in the back of our truck, this just wasnt the option for us. We needed something more substantial, and because of our dual battery setup plans we needed fixed storage options for our equipment.

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Building A Truck Bed Camper

The modern camping that is the luxurious one demands for a camper truck bed that should provide amazing sleeping comfort without installing the tents on the ground. Say bye to tough camping and enjoy camping where the wind goes using this DIY truck bed camper it comes with the rear having all the bedroom facilities. To keep your items of needs safe and organize, the provide custom storage-compartments and sliding out drawers built underside. The bed will serve as a bench too. Details here canoverland

Truck Bed Camping Canopy Selection

Fiberglass Pickup Insert, made in Earlton.

The canopy is the most important part of your truck bed camping setup. What makes a truck canopy good?

  • Its secure.
  • It provides enough headroom.
  • Its weatherproof and doesnt leak.

Some canopies have elevated roofs to give you a little extra headroom. Also consider different window layouts to allow in enough light and ventilation.

Pro Tip

While you can certainly purchase a canopy brand new from the manufacturer, Id recommend checking out your local marketplaces for used canopies in your area. The biggest things to look out for with used canopies are rust and leaks.

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Truck Camping Gear For Overlanding:

This is all the overlanding gear, mods, and equipment added to the truck, so far, to ensure it would be capable and reliable as an off-road truck camping rig. Be sure to check out our detailed guide to for more info.

  • Trail Gear Rock Defense Rear Bumper* – this bumper provides good protection to the rear end and corner panels, and looks good too!

  • ARB Bull Bar* Front Bumper – this is a rock solid off-road bumper. It looks great, and houses our winch.

  • Warren M8000 Winch* w/ remote* – a good winch get you or a friend out of a jam, just take the time to learn how to use it safely.

  • ARB Airlocker – this is a fully-selectable differential locker, meaning you can manually turn it on or off as needed. A differential locker will provide traction to both wheels evenly so the one on the ground does its job when you need it to.

  • ARB High-output Air Compressor* – to inflate tires, pressurize a Roadshower, or operate the ARB Airlocker in the rear differential

  • ARB Inflator with Guage* – used in combination with the air compressor to dial in tire pressure off-road

  • Tool Kit – Your truck camping tool kit should match your mechanical ability. We carry a full set of tools including:

  • Metric wrenches

  • Metric Sockets

  • Socket Extensions

  • ARB Tire Repair Kit* – this kit is high quality

  • Rotopax 3.5gal Fuelpax* & Mount* – A reserve gas tank offers piece of mind if youll be truck camping in remote areas, because running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is not fun.

  • Camper Shell Ideas: The Mobile Office/surf Camper

    This custom build-out camper shell interior idea is awesome! I have something new to aspire to when I can finally get rid of some of my recreation gear.

    It is built in a six-foot Tacoma bed with a high-rise camper shell. The wrap-around seating provides a comfortable couch for day-time lounging but also productive seating for getting remote work done.

    A flip-up desk on the passenger side provides the workstation and an open storage area under the couch is just long enough for this owners short board.

    This design even features a pull-out table for your outdoor kitchen setup and it converts into a full bed that could sleep two people comfortably.

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    How To Make Truck Bed Camper

    You will love this amazing transformation of the camper truck that provides a whole mini house at the back. The whole luxurious cabin is to make at home using the wood. Use the 2x6s and 2x10s wood slats to build the frame of the bed camper and then sheath the frame with plywood. Install the insulation and cover the cabin with fabric. Next, finish it up with the vinyl siding for a superior slatted appeal. Dont forget to install the doors and windows. Details here imgur

    What will this DIY truck bed camper guide teach you? Well guide you step by step on how to convert the truck bed into a livable camp inexpensively. Learn how to build a truck camper shell at home cheaply!

    Special Mention Truckhouse Bct


    Find It Online

    So I absolutely had to say something about this camper. Yes, you need deep pockets or you need to be really committed. But TruckHouse is the definition of dialed.

    This is certainly not your average camper. The TruckHouse is the complete package. The purchase price includes the truck and the edgy design and next-level manufacturing are setting the benchmark standards for the high-end camper market.

    Whether youre looking to take a weekend trip or a global expedition, this build will have you traveling in style. The base truck is completely and heavily revamped to be able to handle the added weight and luxurious add-ons.

    With several available stages, performance packages, colors, off-road options, entertainment setups, remote power systems, and severe weather upgrades, the team at TruckHouse has literally not left a single stone, or more appropriately bolt, unturned. If youre looking for the best, look no further!

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    Truck Camping: Sleeping Eating Using The Bathroom And Must

    Truck camping is a wanderers dream.

    Essentially a house on wheels, you have the FREEDOM to go anywhere and set up in totally scenic locations you wouldnt have otherwise seen from a hotel room view.

    Not only does it give you unrestricted mobility but its budget and eco-friendly, too.

    If youre raring to explore the great outdoors, read this post first and learn all you need to know about truck camping.

    Wet Bathroom Truck Bed Campers

    The entire truck camper bathroom fits inside a shower stall containing both the sink and toilet.

    Whenever you shower in a wet bath camper the sink and toilet will get wet. Youll need to squeegee and dry it to prevent mold.

    Benefits of Wet Truck Camper Bathrooms

    • More Living Space

    Dry truck camper bathrooms are similar to the bathroom at your house.

    Included in the bathroom is a separate toilet, sink and shower with extra dry storage spaces.

    Benefits of Dry Truck Campers

    • Bathroom Stays Dry
    • Same Style As Your House Bathroom
    • Extra Dry Storage Space

    Truck bed campers that offer a bathroom have three different toilet types.

    There are RV Flush Toilets, Cassette Toilets and Porta Potties.

    RV flush toilets are the main type of toilet in motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheelers.

    Theyre compatible with RV hookups and dump stations for truck campers at full-hookup campsites.

    RV toilets work in the same manner as your home toilet.

    Except, they draw freshwater then pump waste to a black tank which is emptied at a camping dump station.

    The holding capacity for an RV toilet black waste tank ranges from 6 to 40 gallons.

    With the average flush toilet size being over 20 gallons.

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    Camper Shell Ideas: The Slide

    If you have a bit larger budget, you can go beyond the simply sleeping platform and get one of these slide-out platforms.

    Honestly, for the amount of times I have awkwardly climbed into my camper shell to reach something that I pushed all the way to the front, this is one of my favorite camper shell ideas on this list.

    BEDSLIDE offers several different models that support 1,000 pounds, 1,500 pounds, and 2,000 pounds, respectively.

    They are all weather-resistant and can either be installed directly on top of your truck bed or on top of a set of sliding truck bed drawers to help you further maximize your camper shells storage space.

    Built Like An Airplane

    Pin by Diane Miller on Equipment For RVs

    The Switchbacks fuselage is built using bent & formed, laser-cut aluminum sheets, fastened with solid aircraft rivets. Its a tried & true fabrication method from the aerospace industry thats lightweight, exceptionally strong, and designed to last through a lifetime of constant off-road abuse.

    the Freedom to adapt

    We know how much fun it is to fine tune your gear setup. Everybody camps differently and with that in mind we designed the Switchback X1 to be the ultimate platform for quick and easy customization. Your gear, your way.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Truck Bed Camping

    Whether you just want a weekend out exploring with the family, or you want to take a year-long trip down the Pan-American Highway, truck bed camping is a great way to travel and explore on a budget.

    And while its easy to get caught up in all the cool truck bed camping gear, and it’s fun to dream about the perfect truck bed camping designs and platforms, the goal is not the means – its the adventure!

    This post will cover all the basics of truck bed camping and provide you with everything you need to know, so that you can get out there and start your own truck camping adventure TODAY!

    And at the bottom of the post, youll find a printable packing list of all the camping gear and equipment youll need!

    Five Extra Tips For Pickup Truck Camping

  • If your truck camping method includes essentially sleeping in your truck bed, its a good idea to make sure your head is pointing towards the rear of your bed and not towards the engine. The reason is that the rear of most trucks and SUVs is slightly higher than the front. If you lay the other way, youll find all the blood going to your head as you sleep.
  • When considering how much room you have in your truck bed, make sure to measure the tightest spot, which is usually between the wheel wells. If you dont have as much room as you thought, you might consider building or using a sleeping platform that puts you above the wheel wells.
  • You might think that your trucks cab is ultimately the best place to sleep, but it really depends on what type of truck you have. Rear bench seats may not be long enough or comfortable enough for many people. Some trucks have reclining captains chairs in the front, but unless you like to sleep on your back, these probably wont be comfortable either.
  • Make sure to take extra clothes, extra water, and extra fuel. You never know what youll encounter out in the wilderness, and these are definitely three essentials that can make a big difference.
  • You dont need 4WD to camp with your truck, but 2WD will limit where you can go. With 4WD and an enclosed camping option in your truck bed, you can camp out almost anywhere your truck can reach.
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    Q: How Do I Measure My Truck Bed Tent Compatibility

    A: Each truck bed tent has its own measurement requirements based on design and intended use. Once youve identified a truck bed tent that has the feature-set and price point you want, poke around the Amazon page for measurement charts, user reviews, and other relevant information. Some truck bed tents in our guide only work for trucks of specific makes, models, and bed sizes, while others are more flexible.

    Best Truck Bed Campers

    How to Build the Ultimate Overland Truck Bed Kitchen Drawers for Camping!

    Short bed truck campers, slide-in truck campers and popup truck bed campers are sleepers that are made to sit in the box of full size and some midsize pickup trucks.

    They are available in different models for different bed lengths including long bed, short bed and super short bed truck campers.

    There are hard-sided and popup truck camper designs with their own floor plan options and standard features choice.

    Giving you the freedom to choose which camper features and floor plan layout is perfect for your own uses.

    In This Article

    Truck bed campers are among the most versatile ways to go on a camping trip.

    With the freedom they give you of setting up campsite anywhere your pickup truck can go.

    From your grandmas backyard, to RV campsites, to the unexplored forests in your region.

    You have the possibility of camping wherever you choose.

    When planning a camping trip with a truck bed camper you have the best of both worlds.

    Theres the ability to dry camp off-grid for extended camping trips due to features like large water holding tanks, batteries, solar panels and generators.

    Then, theres the option to wet camp with your pickup truck and camper at a campsite or RV park.

    Never have to worry about leaving your toys behind again.

    Theres an available hitch with slide-in truck campers allowing you to tow a trailer with your ATV, dirt bikes and seadoos.

    • High Versatility
    • Better Fuel Economy Than A Motor-home RV
    • Easy To Store
    • Wet Camp Or Dry Camp

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    Going To The Bathroom When Truck Camping: 3 Options

    Another important thing to remember when going truck bed camping is to consider your bathroom situation.

    Some camping spots will offer access to public showers and toilets, while certain camp grounds will be near enough to public areas that will have pay-for bathrooms you can use.

    Check your camping grounds website before you head out on the road to scan the general vicinity for public bathrooms.

    However, in case youre setting up camp in the middle of nowhere, there are still several options for you to get your hygiene needs in.

    Cheap Homemade Truck Camper

    Spice up your camping with this cheap homemade truck camper. Get crafty with the pinewood boards like 2x4s and 1x4s to build the overall frame of the camper bed and also of the kitchen or seats inside. Sheath them with the plywood and then finish with the mattress. Add the custom built-in storage options to organize your spice jars and other items of need and plan the underside of bed to organize your camping stuff also. Start to end video instructions here

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    Transform Your Camping Experience

    All those years, camping with my father, sleeping on the cold wet earth, cramped inside a single small tent on the ground with my little brother

    Memories. And yet, while I long to recreate these kinds of experiences with my own son today, now I know a bit better. With the new technology on everything from tents to camping bedding, I now am more prepared than ever to take my own kids camping this summer.

    I cant help by wonder. If my back hurt back then when I was just a kid, how did my dads back fare after two nights of sleeping on hard packed earth?

    Today, Im rocking a tent loaded up in my truck bed, see my Rightline Gear comment above or the various great tent products designed to fit your truck that we carry. And of course I have my very own AirBedz packed and ready to be inflated the moment we get set up. So no back pain for me the next time we go camping. Trust me when I say that these days this has become a must have for the family man on a camping mission. You will not be disappointed.

    Go Fast Campers Platform/platform Xl

    19 best images about truck bed inserts on Pinterest

    If you want a little bling, and by far the easiest access to gear in the truck bed, the GFC Platform Camper is for you. This extremely lightweight camping system is designed for go-fast camping adventures in remote off-road environments. The Platform is designed for midsize trucks whereas the Platform XL is designed for full-size trucks.

    Low weight and immense strength are the ideas behind the Platform. GFC said, We build these things to jump.

    The Platform frame is made of steel tubing similar to a roll cage. This allows the camper to be extremely rigid and for all the sides to open, as they arent part of the structure. The crazy-strong and very sexy roof latches and hinge mechanisms are all machined from aluminum.

    The downsides to the GFC designs are that the tent is made of welded vinyl fabric snapped into place. This setup is super durable as well as super easy to clean and maintain. Its also prone to condensation issues, however.

    The relatively thin 2-inch mattress is also not comfortable enough for many. Owners of GFC campers have been known to supplement or replace the mattress with memory foam or self-inflating camp pad options.

    The Best Overlanding Gifts to Get Off Road

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